Thursday, July 2, 2015

Eyeglasses and Medical Clinic at Didasko Orphanage, Wednesday

Today began with the usual beautiful sunshine and cool breeze.  Most people are surprised when I tell them the weather is nicer here than at home, especially when we are up in the mountains. (which Villa Gracia is)

Today's activities were:

1.  House build in Mololoa  (Several hadn't been there yet during this trip, so they wanted to be sure to go.  This was another house sponsored by Western Hills church of Christ in Nashville.)

Didasko Orphanage (Most of the children are there because their families are too poor to care for them.)

2.  Work on the playground

3.  Paint a classroom

4.  Work in the medical clinic  (We had two nurses, Sarah Hinson & Brenda, Terry's cousin from California, people doing vitals and triage, several working in the "pharmacy", runners and the eyeglass clinic.)  This year, we again worked with a Honduran doctor named Dr. Ponce and his son who is in medical school.  If you haven't heard the story about him let me fill you in.

Several years ago theTorch team was arriving in the airport.  One of our young college interns, Erika Wenger started chatting with a Honduran in the airport.  She tells him we are missionaries and she finds out that he works as a missionary doctor in his own country.  She then tells him we don't have a doctor for our clinics and she asks him to help us and he agrees!!!  That started a relationship that has lasted about 4 years!!  I'm Facebook friends with him and I follow all that he does.  He is constantly going up into the most remote places doing clinics with the people who have no access to medical care.  Not only that, we have since learned that he represented Honduras as a runner in the Olympics in the 80s!!!  God works in mysterious ways!!!

I worked in the eyeglass clinic like I did last year.  We were running low on the most common power of reading glasses.  The people were in worse luck if they needed glasses for distance.  All we had were random glasses that were donated.  Most of those were bifocals.  I have talked to other missionaries who take optomotrists and the equipment to examine eyes & I guess make the correct prescription.  We can only dream!!

The Honduras portion of our trip is almost over.  Thursday will be our last offical work day & most people will be flying home on Saturday.  There is a group of us flying on to Costa Rica.  That portion of my trip will be totally different.  I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store!!!

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  1. Nice recap, you guys are staying busy. Be safe and I'll see you soon.