Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'm almost persuaded........Wednesday

We have been following the same basic schedule each day.  Diane has been leading a wonderful ladies Bible class each morning.  Chase Turner is leading the men's class in the other room.  Both classes have been focused on family issues. (Marriage, Children, and roles in the church)  There has been awesome discussion in each class.

(Jose, our bus driver)

Tim Hines has our evening lesson each night & he is one awesome speaker.  Yesterday, Cristian had announced that he had faith that there would be a baptism.  He had so much faith that he had filled the baptistry.  Well, come to find out, one of the young Costa Rican member's mother has said she may get baptized.  It has been a couple of days and it still hasn't happened.  We need all of your prayers that it will!!  We have only one more day of the campaign.  The church has put so much work into the effort that it would be such a blessing if it happened.

Friday morning we will be leaving and going to the beautiful Bible camp we stayed at last year.  This is not your ordinary Bible camp, it's like Bible camp in heaven.  I'll take lots of pictures!!!  We have planned a retreat with classes for us as well as the Purral church members.

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