Sunday, July 5, 2015

Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I could say good night.....

(Diane and I with the busdriver, Norlan)

Yes, it is the 4th of July, we didn't forget.  Some of us showed our patriotism in our clothing.  Some of us loudly sang patriotic songs on the bus.  For us, it was about saying good-bye to the people and country we love.  This was the first trip for many and lots shed tears of sadness because they didn't want to leave.  To us who have been coming many years, we are sad to say good-bye to the sweet, loving Hondurans that we only see once a year.

We love you!!!  (Evelyn, Wendy, David, Jonni, Aldo, Oneyda, Marlon, Norlan, Katia, Pedro, Antonio, Manuel, Caesar, the staff at Villa Gracia, all of the children at the daycare, the community of El Diamante, and many more!!)  We pray that God may bless you and keep you safe!!!

We had two buses headed to the airport.  There was a group of about 12 of us who were heading on to Costa Rica.  The airport at Tegucigalpa is never a fun place.  It is very crowded, busy and there is only enough chairs to hold about 20% of the people there!!!  Our flight to CR was much later in the afternoon, so we couldn't even check in until 11:30 or so.

(Evelyn from the daycare made a point of coming to say good-bye to us at the airport
The airport was where we said good-bye to our fellow Torchers who were headed back to the US.  There were lots of hugs and "Proximo Anos!"  

(Some of the Mitchells)

We finally got in line to check into our flight.  We had heard the weight limit was 35 lbs, or 70 lbs. for two.  That caused many of us concern.  My bags were 35 lbs and 45.  That was after I had given some things away.  Pat went through first and he said he was in first class, so when I went up, I said, "First class?"  The gentleman said, "We'll see."  It ended up that Diane, Randi, Cassidy, and Pat and I got in first class.  Needless to say, It was nice.  

(Cassidy and I in first class)

(Some of our team eating dinner in CR.  You see Cristain Vargas, the CRican preacher and his family.)
(We met Chase last year in CR.  He is a great translator and man of God.)

We made it to CR which means it's time to shift gears.  This trip's focus will be completely 360 degrees different.  Hasta manana!!!

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