Thursday, June 18, 2015

You Can't Outgive God!!

Hi, I know you haven't heard from in a long time.

It's that time of year and I'm ready to go back to Honduras! If you have been following me at all on Facebook, then you know that I've been working hard to raise money to build homes in Honduras!

I can't say I haven't had my doubts! There were a few times when former contributors Cut their donations from previous years. It didn't matter though when someone didn't give someone else did and I have to say I have been amazed!

I have gotten even more since this! What does that mean? It means I've been able to buy household items for these people are getting new homes. I have also been able to purchase undergarments. Needless to say, those things are donated often plus, I will be able to donate to the work fund once I get to Honduras!

I would appreciate your prayers and if you're interested all this blog during my trip. I do my best to share the work that I do each day and add as many pictures as I can. The group also has a blog that your might be interested in, it is: 

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  1. Excellent post! great about the overweight bag...keep all the energy for the house building. four! woo wooo! blessings every second. Kim Kelley