Wednesday, June 24, 2015

House número dos❤️🏡🏡❤️

Today was another blessed day! The plan was to build house number 2.

(Morning devo)

Today's house build was a totally different experience than yesterday. Today we didn't drive into the city, but headed back up the mountain to the Le Tigre rainforest.

When you get out of the city (and often when your in the city), the roads are hard, packed rutted dirt. That was the case today.

We were lucky enough to get a ride up the mountain with Mark, the local missionary and the lumber truck. These are roads that people back home might go four wheeling on (steep, dirt and rutted). After a very bumpy ride, we arrived at our site, which looked like heaven on Earth. Every day we are struck by the beauty of Hod's creation even in the middle of such devastating poverty.  We had another great build even though the Honduran helpers tried to make some suggestions, which was a little confusing considering their limited English and our limited Spanish. Our whole team worked hard and everyone had a great attitude. I even got to work with Caleb Beggs,my friend Diane, Tricky Pat from PA & the two girls from Clarksville. (see below)

The lady of the house & her daughter

We finished the house in good time and the little family was very thankful.

(We have to push the siding boards in to get them to fit well so we can nail them in place.)

(If you don't have a broom, you make one with a board and a glove!!!)

(Evening devo)

This year we have different people joining us on different days. Monday,  about 5 more joined our group. I look at one young person & I thought & said, "I know you." It was Megan Judd, whose family used to go to our church. In fact, later in the week more will be coming from Trenton Crossing church of Christ in Clarksville.I didn't even know they were coming!  Tuesday, about 30 more joined us. This group consisted of a large group from Western Hills in Nashville, several more from PA, as well as Jo Dawn and Cheyenne from Diane's church, as well as Sarah our good friend and nurse who has been coming many years.

All in all, a great day. Thank you to all who donated. You gave this sweet family a roof to sleep under tonight. PS: even though the group has about 14 houses to build total, there is word that we are building my third house tomorrow!! 😁🏡I thought I might get a break, but I'm really fine with it!!!

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  1. Your houses are first because you are willing to be last. You can rest when you get home! lol! building 14 homes is fantastic. incredible one day of labor can provide shelter. well done. taking time to enjoy the scenery is a blessing. many helping hands are one. I am a spectator this year, but very very happy for the success of your team, donors and time. I am praying! blessings, Kim Kelley.