Monday, June 22, 2015

Angels rejoiced on 6/21!!

It was a beautiful Lord's day in Honduras yesterday.  We worshipped with the Los Pinos church of Christ down in the city.

If you have never been to a bilingual service, you should try it.  It is cool even though it can often take twice as long because the service is given in two languages.  It is always a powerful moment when you realize you are many miles away from your church family, but we are bound together in the "One Church" as member worship all over the world. (This was actually a thought from our group leader.)

Terry (that group leader) gave the message today and he brought out a rope.  He was holding that rope and it extended out the window.  He had us imagine that the rope stretched out the window, down the mountain, through the ocean and around the world.  He was holding a small portion of the rope and he put a knot in the rope.  This section, he said, represented his/our life on earth.  The rest of the rope represented the rest of life (eternal).  He went on to describe how today we mostly focus on the small portion, our life on earth and not our eternal life.  It was a great lesson that really got all of us to think.

We sang an invitation and Maria, a Honduran lady responded.  She confessed Jesus' name, and "went down in the watery grave of baptism" to have her sins washed away and stepped out of that grave in "newness of life".  Of course, there was much rejoicing!!  (More about this later!)

The rest of the day wasn't as eventful, so I'll try to keep it short.  This year's Honduras trip is different in that we have groups coming and going the whole time. At this point our group is only about 20, but that will change soon.  We all went to la bodega (the warehouse) and first visited Mi Esperanza. . This is a service mission that educates/trains poor women here.  Please check out their website for more information. We shopped and had pizza for lunch.  Our Florida Keys group will be leaving next Saturday, so this was their only opportunity to have a "chill" shopping day in Valle de Angeles. (Valley of the Angels).

The rest of the us spent the day hanging out at the warehouse.  Diane and I reorganized the warehouse (something we've done many times). Some  partitions are going to be built, so we were moving the boxes to allow room for that.  Brandi, Caleb, and Jose helped us pull some supplies that we would take back to the mission house.  The rest of the group (Pat, Cassidy, Randi, Kathryn, Sarah) painted some trim and areas for Mi Esperanza. Later in the day, the bus with the Keys group came and picked us up.

Sunday is the one day off for the workers at the mission house. (Although Katia was there in the morning to fix our breakfast.) So, that meant we went to a local food court for dinner.

Angels rejoicing:

During our evening devo (devotional), Terry explained that during the baptism he suddenly thought of Luke 15:7: I say unto you that likewise more joy shall be in Heaven over one sinner that repenteth, than over ninety and nine just persons who need no repentance.

This is what happens when Tricky Pat orders black coffee in Spanish!!

Adios!!  House numero uno will be built today!!!

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