Friday, June 26, 2015

Easy for some hard for others! Thursday

I dodged a bullet on Thursday.  Most of the work was done in Mololoa, including two house builds.  I had already asked to do my last house later. As you know I had built three days in a row. (I had know idea where we were building when I asked.)
More on that later.

Today we had several options for work:
a. 2 house builds
b. work in the daycare at Mololoa
c. work in the feeding center at Mololoa
d. break down and make food bags

(There were some added jobs from what was mentioned the night before.)  I signed up to work in the dacare.  I have gone many times and I love working with the adorable children.  I practice my Spanish and the teachers and I try to communicate with each other using what little we know of English and Spanish.

It was a good thing that my last house wasn't being built because they were about as far up in Mololoa as you can go,  You may remember a couple of summers ago when I barely made it up to our site with a piece of lumber.  Those decided the only way they would get this house done was to pay the locals to carry it up.  Six year old Honduran children can put the fittest of us to shame!!!

My small group actually had to make a steep hike to the daycare.  The roads are so steep and rough that the bus doesn't even tempt to make it.  The locals have gotten smart and they now have little pedi-cabs for people to hire. (You know the kind that are made from motorcycles, I think.)  I've always wondered how much they charge them to ride.

(A short note about the daycare. It is a free daycare for working mothers.  Palmetto church of Christ from SC sponsers it.  It is affiliated with the Mololoa church of Christ, as well as the feeding center.)

Today Diane and I worked with Molly (MS), Megan (Clarksville) and Hannah (PA).  We had a nice, relaxing day.  We played with the children, gave bottles, helped serve food, wash dishes and chatted with the workers.  We were actually able to watch the progress of the two homes way up the mountain.

We knew when to head back to the bus when we saw the build teams start walking down the mountain.  All teams got finsihed around 3:30 or so.  We headed back to the mission house for an early dinner because we had planned to go to the Jesus statue for our evening devotional.

The statue isn't open to the public at night, so we feel very fortunate to get to go.  The views from the statue never fail to amaze us!

I'm not sure what the plan is for tomorrow's day.  I know one group is going to the orphanage at Didasko.  We'll see what I'll get to do!!

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