Monday, June 29, 2015

The fruits of our labors, Sunday

Today is the Lord:day 

By the way my little Apple keyboard suddenly won:t let me use the apostrophe!!!! I also found out that my parentheses aren:t working, so please bare with me.  I don:t pretend to be a great writer, but it:s kind of embarassing when a teacher makes simple grammatical mistakes!!  

See the houses toward the back, they are Torch houses.

Our plan was to worship with the church of Christ at El Diamante.  You may remember that this is the area that is *on fire* with the Lord.  The Keys group had already built two classrooms there and we plan and we have built several homes there.  )If you look closely, you can see Torch homes in the pictures.

)Unfortunately, many Hondurans play futbol on Sunday instead of going to church.  I was thinking they should organize a church league for after church and maybe have a meal or something.)

Church services here are always wonderful.  The Hondurans sing out and their love of God seems to surround and envelope you.  Of course, when we sing, we have to show we are enthusiastic too.  Garrett Roberts from Clarksville, TN led the singing and did a super job.

Terry had a large rock and asked what that rock was.  Of course, everyone said a rock, but he told us a story about Michaelangelo.  Someone asked how he made the scuplture of David from a rock. Michaelangelo said that David was inside the rock, he just had to let him out.   We are all rocks, but in the creators hands, we can be beautiful creations, instead of rocks.  We have to let God use us and mold us into what He wants us to be.  

Terry finished and then our interpreter started talking in Spanish with so much force and passion that other Honduran:s started coming to the windows to look inside.  I could follow most of what he was saying or almost screaming.  He was saying, Clothes don:t matter, family doesn:t matter, friends don:t matter.  God is first!!!  At one point, he got on a chair.  He continued this for about 10 minutes.  I think if I hadn:t been right with the Lord, I would have been walking up!!!  That:s how much passion he spoke with!

The invitation ended with 3 baptisms and more comments by the normal preacher.  I think he had to add to the sermon.  I think in all the whole service probably lasted almost 2 hours..  Another fact:  we have worshipped there in the past and we had to sit on the floor.  This year, we had chairs!!   I took me a little while to realize that the chairs had come from the container that had arrived a couple of days ago!   I cant remember if I mentioned it or not because I wasn:t feeling well that evening and I didn:t work as hard as most people did.  I:m sure everyone  was happy to see the fruits of their labor!!

(Torch members are touring the new classrooms which also had new desks that came from the container our team unloaded.)

Sundays always consist of visiting La Esperanza, the mission that trains women with skills so they can get jobs to support their families.  Our group spent about an hour or more shopping there and then we headed to Valle de Angeles for a relaxing day of shopping.  We ended the day back at the mission house with dinner provided by a restaurant that caters called Taco Loco.  Sunday is the one day that the Villa Gracia staff gets off.  They worked so hard Saturday that it is too bad they can:t take more time off!!

Valley of the Angels pictures

Evening devo, plus you will see another tradition.  If you leave belongings around you have to perform to get them back.  It might be singing, Im a little teapot, or some other stunt.

Stay tuned, tomorrow, Lord willing, will be my last house build!!!  Please forgive the wacky punctuation marks!  I don:t have time to change them all, even if I could!!  

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