Sunday, June 28, 2015

6/27 Market shopping & Feliz cumpleanos!

Saturday was Jenny Lovell's birthday. If you have ever gone on a trip with Torch, you know Jenny.  She has a heart that is as big as Honduras and she loves every single person in Honduras.  Not only does she loves them, she lets them know it, and she is not shy about it.

Jenny has been coming many years and her birthday always  falls while we are here.  Diane and I had heard that she would be going to the Saturday open air market to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.  These are bought to be added to the food bags we make and give out.  What if you only had a couple of dollars to buy food for your family.  You wouldn't spend it on fresh fruits and vegetables.  Ad healthy as they are, they are not very filling.

Diane and I had also heard that the budget had been cut for the fresh foods.  We each wanted to use some of our extra donations to help.  Of course, that was much appreciated and it ended up that we got to go too!

If you have ever been to a farmer's market you have an idea what this one was like.  This market had every kind of fruit and vegetable you could imagine and some you couldn't!  Several of us got the pleasure of watching Jenny bargain for the best deal.  She is not above using a little guilt by explaining that the food goes for the poor families.

I already wanted to buy some fresh pineapple and mangos, but then Diane, another lady and I got the idea to make some special things for Jenny's birthday.  We ended up shopping to buy items for fresh fruit salad, cobbler and guacamole.

All in all, Diane and I had a relaxing day shopping at the market and preparing our fruit and guacamole.
Sarah Hinson worked on another house that was sponsored by her church.  Another group made the long trip back out to Didasko to do another day of VBS and play with the children.

(market selfie)

In the afternoon, we had a group of about 20 arrive from the airport.  This group included Brett and Judy Mitchell who have been coming forever.  They also brought their two oldest children, Reid and Carter. (Around 5 and 3)  This is Reid's third trip!!!  Even though there is no way she could have remembered me, she popped right down in my lap during the evening devo.  She is one sweet girl!!

(Dona Katia, the head cook, with Jenny, Jenny bought the beautiful apron for Katia at the market.)

We ended the evening with our birthday day treats.  Besides the food fruit, guacamole, and cobbler that we prepared, Terry also purchased a cake.  We had so much that we were able to share with the workers in the kitchen. (BTW, they had worked hard all day because not only did they prepare two meals for us, they had two weddings and a group dinner!)

Tomorrow is the Lord's day, so I should have a short post with lots of pictures!

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