Saturday, June 27, 2015

Friday, Food for the hungry

Friday was the last work day for the Florida Keys group because they will be leaving tomorrow.  We'll be losing a group of about 20, but another group of about 20 will be coming in.  I know a few of the group are from Clarksville, TN!!  This year's trip has been a logistical issue for our leaders because groups have and will be coming and going the whole time.  Terry has really tried to save money by not hiring a third bus for transportation.  We don't really need for the number of people, it just gets complicated getting people where they need to go.

Friday's work consisted of:

1.  The Keys group finished painting at the Didasko orphanage.  This is an orphanage about an hour away in the country that we have been going to for many years.
2.  VBS team also at Didasko (This is not your run of the mill VBS.  These young people come up with awesome skits, costumes and props to act out Bible stories.  Of course, there is always a craft and a snack.
3.  A group will visit an adult special needs home that is near the mission house and then do a food distribution.  (We use the work fund to buy non-perishable food in bulk.  We then break it down to smaller portions.  This food will last a family of four for several weeks.  It usually has:  lard, spaghetti, rice, beans, coffee, flour, spaghetti sauce, bouillon cubes, & possibly more.)

I had a little unfortunate excitement the night before.  I'm not the best sleeper anyway and around 2 am my watch alarm went off.  I turned it off and went back to sleep and it went off later.  By then I was awake and I didn't want it to wake up the rest of my roommates, so I started trying to turn it off.  I tried every combination of buttons and this time I realized it was going off every 5 minutes!!!!

I was half asleep, but I decided when it was later in the morning I would get up and google how to turn off the alarm. (Wifi is poor here and I have to go outside and go to the porch on the second floor.)  Needless to say, I got it turned off, but waking up at 2 am is not the best sleep!

Not only that my stomach had been a little touchy. (I always thing it is the fat they cook with.)  Diane was having the same issue, so we didn't walk down to the orphanage, but rested.  We did go to the food distribution.  It was fun and Katie Well's was with us with her son who will be 2 on Sunday.  He is an awesome little boy who is so well-behaved and has been great down here!!

(This man and his wife has potlucks and Bible studies on his carport for the people of this community.  Here you see our group getting their contact information.)

(Goofing off with Jose on the bus!)

(This young lady was having to perform.  That's what happens when you leave a personal item somewhere.  She either had to sing, "I'm a little teapot" or do an imitation of Jenny Lovell!)

All in all it was a great day.  I'm pretty sure that tomorrow I will be able to use some of the ladies Wednesday night Bible class donations to go to the fresh market.  We will be buying fresh fruits and  vegetables to add to our food bags.  I have gone a couple of times before and it is awesome!!

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  1. I shredded the directions, glad you have google. Isn't it funny how it's so easy to turn on a watch alarm but must have directions to turn them off. Things that make you go hmmmmm.