Sunday, June 21, 2015

And so it begins…

Maybe I am not a procrastinator anymore! I actually started packing on Wednesday, and I really got everything done Thursday night.

That meant that I got to take a Zumba class and chill the rest of the day. One suitcase is about 3 lbs over., but I'll be praying and holding my breath that they will let it slide. Otherwise, I'll pay the fee. It's Friday night and I'm trying to go to bed early (8:47 right now). I'll report back to you when I arrive in Honduras tomorrow afternoon.

This year, a young lady named Cassidy wasveling with me. After doing a lot of shuffling around us, one bag was weighing about 3 pounds overweight home. So I just crossed my fingers said a prayer and hoped that the airline people will be merciful.  They were!!

 My bags were showing as only 1 lb. over and they didn't charge me!Houston was fairly uneventful. The two gates are close together, which was great! We got on our flight and then we sat for an hour. We found out later that it was for maintenance. I don't know about you, I would rather that the airline take care of that before we take off!

I have a short layover in Houston and then it was on to Honduras!!! Have you heard about how pilots have to land in Honduras? Google it, It's all true. Except how about add some cross winds and turbulence! 😁 we landed and all is good.

It was great to see old friends and we got to the mission house there was a wedding which was cool. We had dinner and ended up with a very short day though outside taking place. We kept it short because we were all wiped out from a long day of traveling.

It's church tomorrow in some of us are doing a little bit of work on Sunday.

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