Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why Honduras Pt. 3/Summer Update

Why Honduras Pt. 3

When people find out that I go on mission trips, they always have that look.  That look where they are searching my face and studying me to try to figure out why someone would go on a mission trip.  The look I see makes me think that they think I'm some pious, saintly person.  That's far from the truth.  Mission trips, although they are far from being a vacation, are truly, wonderfully spiritually life-changing experiences. 

As you can see from that past's hard to put it into words.

Why Honduras?  Instead of writing a bunch of facts, I'm going to try to capture some of the special memories I've had on my last four trips to Honduras.  I'll try my best to bring these experiences to life, so that you can understand why I am blessed to go to Honduras!!!

Honduran memories:

1.  Visiting Hospital Escuela (The public hospital)

2.  Devotionals at the "Jesus statue" overlooking the city.

                         3.  Having VBS extravaganzas for the village children

 4.  Assisting in a dental clinic for poor children

5. Painting churches, building churches, putting in concrete floors in churches

6.  Having to leave early because of a "military coup"

7. Building houses

8.  Staying at the Mission House

9.  Having church  sitting on the new concrete floor that our group installed the day before

 10.  Washing dishes in the kitchen in Mololoa with the Manna Project

11.  Visiting special needs orphanages

12.  Enjoying delicious simple meals at the Mission House

13.  Planting trees at Mission Lazarus

14.  Singing in the oldest church in the western hemisphere

15.  Dividing up food for distribution

16.  Trying to speak Spanish to all of the children

17.  Going to Mission Lazarus

18.  Having princess day in Mololoa

19.  Clothing distributions

20.  VBS in a school

21.  Making lifetime friends that I get to see for a few days every summer

22. Medical clinics

23.  Taking sandwiches to people in the dump

24.  Daily morning & evening devotionals

Last, but not least (I could go on....)

25.  Riding in the crazy traffic on a very old school bus

Summer Vacation Update:  Simply.................I'm lovin' it!!!  My days have been filled with trips to the Y, reading, running errands, making jewelry, working on my on-line class, and light housework.  I think I could make this a full time job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is hotter than Hades out there, so...................Here's to some cooler temps!!!!!!

(I chose this picture, so you could imagine wading in this stream, the humidity is low and the temperature is 80 degrees!!)

13 days & counting!!!!

Here are some books that I have read or are currently reading.  I really am enjoying getting to read this summer!!!  :)

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