Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday, June 23: Mi Casa es Grande

June 28: Mi Casa es Grande (It is very slow to upload pictures, so I am only doing a few each day.  When I get back I will upload them all to either my blog or Facebook.  I got many great ones today!) Just a reminder, I'm not editing very closely, so I apologize.

Today began bright and beautiful.  Many people back home always think that Honduras is hot.  Actually, because we are up in the mountains, it is always mild, breezy and in the mid 80s.  Today was the day that I got to build my house.  We had a great team.  Brian Steffy  from PA was our “heffy” (our boss), my friend, Diane from FL, Taylor Sullivan, Blakely, Jessica from the Florida Keys, Gary Hendrickson from Mobile, AL, Austin Shivers, Brandon Mann, Malvin & Moriah Algood  from Ashland City, Michelle Burgess from Brandon, FL, and Pat from PA. 

We had just the right amount of people and everyone worked hard and had a great attitude.  The work site was on past the mission house farther up the mountain in a beautiful rural setting.  All of the wood was already delivered to the site and the ground was prepared and leveled.  The bus dropped us of about a half mile from the site because the dirt road was too steep and rough.  We all chipped in carrying our tools. (buckets of hammers, nails, post-hole diggers, 2 chain saws, shovels, pick-axes and a metal pole that we used to break up the dirt)  As we walked down this little dirt road, we passed cute little houses, caballas, banana trees, vacas and we were surrounded by gorgeous hillsides and mountains.  I took lots of pictures and I hope they do the landscape justice.

                I won’t try to describe how we built the house, but it is basically a 16 ‘x 16 ‘wood sided homes with wood floors and a tin roof.  We use hinges and cut out a door and one window.  We began digging the holes for the foundation poles around 10 am and we finished around 5 pm just as the daily storm rolled in.  I presented the plaque to Katie and her daughter.  It said (in Spanish) “Presented by Patty Johnson in memory of her father and brother, Charles and Chuck McCuiston”. We finished by taking group pictures and then having all of the work team with the family stand in a circle, holds hands and we said a prayer. 

                                                               A  man hoeing his corn right across the way.

                                                                                   Brandon Mann took these from above.

Local Honduran men & children helping.

 This is the third house build I have been on and it is always a special, humbling experience, but it was such a great feeling to know that I was able to be a part of providing this home for this family.  We had several local men who helped us, as well as children who were amazingly good at hammering.  Some of the little children were playing with the scraps of wood and I heard a little girl say, “Mi Casa is grande,” which means “My house is big!”  That really warmed my heart. 

                We kind of waited around for the rain to slow down and then we made the hike back out with our tools.  You can imagine how muddy that steep dirt road was.  I was glad I had my hiking boots on.  We had several people fall on their bottoms in the mud.

saying a prayer at the end

Our awesome building crew

Beautiful view from her window

                I was filthy and looking forward to a warm shower, but unfortunately because of all of the rain, the electricity was acting up, which meant, I had a COLD shower. (not so fun)  Dinner was the most delicious fried chicken I have ever had.  I know I will sleep well tonight! Tomorrow, I’m hoping to be one of the 40 people who get to help a young missionary who is doing a farming project. 

Mi Casa es grande!!



  1. I am so proud of you for doing this! Thanks to all who bought earrings and gave donations! Your dad and brother would have been proud too!
    Love you!

  2. wonderful Patty! :-) Our small group gave two houses a couple years ago and then two families went and helped build them--it's a wonderful feeling. :-) Glad your time there is going so well--