Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 1/ Traveling Misadventures

It's around 5:00 am, I have my Starbucks and I'm ready to go!!!
Thursday, June 23, Day 1:

Happy Birthday Nick!!!!

I left this house around 3:00 am after having gone to sleep around 7:00.  I got to the airport and check in without any problem.  Each piece of luggage weighed just slightly below 50 pounds!!!!  :)

On my plane, it was a smaller one with two seats on one side and one on the other.  I had a seat to myself.

I was flying Continental to Houston.  I flew this last year and I knew it would be very tight.  I had about 45 minutes to get to my gate.  We landed late and I had about 20 min. to get across from Gate B to Gate E.  To make a long story short.......I didn't make it! :/  I have to wait here a couple of hours and then I fly to....................................

Waiting for flight to Costa Rica.  I'm still in good spirits!


It's now 10:21 and my flight leaves at 11:25.  I'll arrive in San Jose around 2:00.  I have about a 5 hour layover :/ and then I fly to Honduras and will get there around 9PM!!

Continental fed us a very tasty meal on the flight to Costa Rica.

Well, I got to Costa Rica and I was supposed to check in at the gate.  I was flying Lacsa, so I was looking for there gate.  Well guess what, there wasn't one.  I guess it fell in with a bunch of other small airlines and they shared a desk.  I stood in line for about 40 minutes and walked up to the counter and that was when I was informed that I would be flying STANDBY!! 

View from airport in Costa Rica.

Well, luckily I had internet service and I was able to get on FB and send messages to everyone.  I let them know that I had made it to Costa Rica safely and I asked for prayers that I would get my flight.  I checked back in a couple of hours and PTL, I got my flight. 

This was in the gift shop.  It's a cigar rolling desk. Kind of cool!

Then I decided to go to my gate.  Do you remember when Harry Potter goes to the train station and he's looking for his platform?  That's the way this gate was.  I would see Gate #12 with an arrow pointing that way, then I would walk that way and then I would see another sign with an arrow pointing another way.  Finally, someone helped me.  It was down a dimly lit unmarked stairs.  In all, I had a 5 hour layover in Costa Rica.  I have to say, they have a nice airport, most of the people there speak English & there was as many Americans there as anyone.

Unmarked steps to Gate 12

Gate 12

The flight to Honduras was a small plane.  We walked onto the tarmac to get on it.  They fed us some delicious local pastries!   

I made it to my home away from home about 11:00 our time.  My suitcases traveled with me, but I only made it with one.  Luckily, it was the one with my personal items in it!  Yes!!!!  I have had a shower and I'm good to go.  I'm just trying to settle down enough to go to sleep.

Until tomorrow, hopefully!!! (I think blogger is spellchecking in Spanish because it is highlighting almost all of my words as incorrect.)  My internet connect is kind of sketchy, so please give me a little leeway (sp) in my editing!!

We'll see what tomorrow brings.  I got in so late that I'm not sure what the plans are!!!
I have had a shower to help me relax & now hopefully I will get sleepy!!


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