Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday, June 26, A day of rest

The song leader at church
Sunday, June 26: A Day of Rest

The kitchen crew had the day off, so we ate some of the food we brought with us for breakfast.  We got to sleep in a little bit because we weren’t leaving for church till after 8:00.  The plan was for the group to split up to attend three different churches in the area.

Here I am with Michael Hill from my home church in Clarksville.  He is interning with another group leader.  Ashley Stewart used to go to my church, she is interning with my group leader.
  Our group attended the Mateo Church of Christ, Moaloa Church of Christ and the Santa Ana Church of Christ.  I was fortunate to attend the Santa Ana church where I thought Michael Hill from Clarksville would be.  He was, and I got to give him a hug from Clarksville and we took a picture.  The people of the Santa Ana church were singing with loud beautiful voices and although we didn’t have an interpreter, I picked up words like “Dios”, “El Senor”, “gracias”, and I could follow along with the meaning of the song.  A 23 year old young man visiting from Baxter preached the message.  He was very enthusiastic and did an excellent job.

Our group waiting in line for el bano.

Afterwards, we had lunch with several American restaurants close together.  I ate with 13 other people in a Chillis.  We definitely paid American prices, but the portions were huge!!!  I was able to take half of it to the bus driver.  Later, we went to the warehouse to shop at the Mi Esperanza shop.  This is the ministry that I have mentioned before, where the missionaries train the women in skills so that they are able to support their families.  I bought some pottery, jewelry, and cloth wallets.  All of the proceeds go back to help support that work. 

My dinner

This nice young man goes to Harding and I heard that he is available.  (at least that is what his dad said!)

The last group prepared these boxes and we have passed these out when people come up to the group asking for food.  There is a label on the drink that has a religious message in Spanish.

Here we are at the bodega (warehouse) where we shoppped the Mi Esperanza crafts.

 For some reason, all 130 of us went back to the mission house in two buses instead of three.  It was crowded!


Right now, we are resting in the room.  We have heard we are going down to the mall for dinner tonight and some of the local missionaries may be coming to worship with us at the Mission House.  I’m not exactly sure what else we are doing tonight.

We have great things planned for tomorrow and I haven't decided which group I'm going to sign up with.  The options are:  2 house builds, medical clinic at Didasko, paint playground equipment at Didasko, hospital visit & food distribution, clothing give away at Didasko and I think there was something else, but I can't remember what it was.  I'm thinking I may help paint the playground equipment!! 

Oh, our last two evening devotionals have been given by the same person.  He has been talking about a book called, The Book of Awesome and evidently there is also a web-site too.  I think it is called  Tim O'Dell (I think that is his name) has been sharing some thoughts from this book and relating it to our work here.  This guy who wrote the book filled it with 1000? little things that he finds awesome.  (Many of them are very funny.)  Our group is supposed to write Tim notes about things that we are think are awesome about our time here.  I look forward to checking out this book!!!

Goodnight for now!

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