Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, June 27: What to Do?

Monday, June 27, What to do???      

Today, I decided to go to Moaloa again.  Diane was supposed to be working on the “lasagna garden” and some others would be working in the kitchen or the daycare.  There was also a bunch of guys who were to remove dirt from behind the church.  A mudslide had caused the dirt and mud to pile up behind the church and it was in danger of damaging the church.  Before we left from morning devo, one of the men shared a very touching story about who we would be building the house for today. 

 Mark Connell is our local connection who determines the families who are in most need for a house.  He went to a community to visit three sisters who all said they needed a house.  Mark walked way up the hill to find them and he explained to them that we were only building one house in the community and which sister needed it the most.  They all said Emily needed it the most.  It was a 5’x 6’ cardboard and tin house with a 6’ roof.  When she found out she was getting the house, she said “No” there is someone who needs it more than me.  Emily took Mark to a lady who was blind with two sons and one was handicapped.  One son stayed with his mom all day and the handicapped son crawled down the mountain each day to look for work.  Because of Emily’s unselfish and caring attitude, Mark assured her that they would both get a house today.  We were all in tears at the end of the story.

                The guys that were going to clear the mud ended up working in the garden because another missionary group came in to work there also today.  I decided to work in the daycare.  I had visited it a short while a few days ago.  I enjoyed rocking babies, “talking” to the children and helping the daycare workers.  I washed the dishes which was an interesting task.  They use a gritty “Lava-like” soap in a small tub and there was one short sink with only cool water that came from the tap.  I managed just fine.

                We finished and were visiting with the ladies that worked in the kitchen and the daycare.  It was getting close to time to leave and we went back to the spot where we were supposed to bus. It was getting late and a storm cloud was rolling up. Our young guys played soccer with the locals. We started wondering if something had happened to our bus as the other mission (not with us) left in our bus.  To make a long story short, the American missionary who oversees the daycare and feeding center decided she needed to get us out of there and she took us out in groups of 10.  (That was putting a bunch in the bed of her truck.)  It wasn’t long after that that we found out that one of the buses had broken down and another bus had to come pick us up.  We were never so glad to get out the rain and get back to the mission house.  The dinner we had tasted about as good as anything I have ever eaten.

                Tomorrow is the day that I plan to build the house that I funded.  I look forward to it, but I plan on getting a WONDERFUL NIGHT’S SLEEP TONIGHT!!!!

The daycare was build by a person from South Carolina in honor of her parents.

This is the four year old class.

This is Evelyn, who is the director of the daycare.  Some of our group brought some clothing for the ladies and they modeled them for us. I have seen her several times since I have been to Honduras and she always remembers me.

View from the backyard of the center

Some of the local kids hanging around while we were waiting for our bus.

The nice owner of the local pulperia (store) let us wait on her covered patio when it started raining.

Here's a video of the daycare children singing a song, I'm not sure if I'll be able to upload it or not.



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