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Do you believe? Why Honduras Pt. 4?

What I'm Doing on My Summer Vacation?  Well, I'm doing lots of things!  I've been exercising 5 days a week, running errands, making jewelry, working at the Downtown Market on Saturdays, and starting to get ready for my upcoming trip.  8 more days! 

 I always get travel meds and up until last year, they would ask me to come in and see the doctor for that.  Unfortunately, travel meds./innoculations are not covered by my insurance.  Last year, I wised up and called and told them that I had been going many years and asked if they could call the script. in.   Ta-Dah!  They did!

One of my new favorite things: Chargrilled & Fruit salad from Chick-fil-a!

That took 2 or 3 calls and follow ups to get that to happen again.  Now, I can check that off my list!  I also just finished, as of yesterday, an on-line class that I have been taking.  I have my Master's Degree plus 15 hours & you may be wondering why I'm taking a class. 

Pictures from Saturday Market

I see this guy every Saturday.  He's always reading!

Well, my school system recently informed us teachers that we would have to take an additional 6 hours of course work every 10(something like that) years.  This would completely be out of our pocket and I guess it counts for our continuing education.  Surprise! Surprise!  If you have done graduate work lately, you know that 6 hours poor grammar on purpose alert! don't come cheap! 

Well, here's my motto.....If you look closely enough, every cloud has a silver lining!!!!  I found the silver lining.  Actually, I have found several!  1.  There are on-line courses that are less expensive than a regular class at the local university.  2.  There are on-line courses that are less time-consuming than a regular class at the local university.  Best of all!!! 3.  I have discovered that my school district will accept these hours, and the additional 9 that I take for my Plus 30!  

That means..............Raise!!!!  In the past, I was told that it had to be and approved program, and a plus 30 wasn't considered an approved program.  An approved program would be considered an EDS or something similiar.
So, as of now, I just need two more classes until I have my plus 30.  I plan on getting that done this summer, so that I can get my raise by the fall.  Wish me Luck!!!!

Do You Believe?

The United States is considered to be a Christian nation and I'm sure a majority of Americans would say that they believe in God.  I'm sure that you, my readers, would say that you believe in God also!

Do you believe in God's word?  The Bible is God's word and He speaks to us through it.  It's also our only written record of Him. So, if we say we believe in God, we must also believe in His word, the Bible?

Do we trust God?  Do we trust that what He says is true?  I know it may seem like we are going around in circles with this, but, stay with me, I have a point.  Do you put your trust in God?

If you trust God, it is only logical that you put your faith in Him, but do you really put your faith in Him?

Last of all, if you believe, trust, and have faith in God, are you obedient? You may not be sure how to do that.  Listen to God and He will tell you how.  Read his word to find examples of how to obey!

Wow, I kind of veered from my original point, but, here goes............I came across this point in my daily Bible reading.  Here's another shout out to my Life Principles Daily Bible.

My O.T. reading is currently in 2 Kings.  I read today about how the people believed, but didn't obey God.  They didn't put ALL their trust in Him.  In 2 Kings 37-40, we see that the people feared the Lord yet continued to serve other gods.  Are we guilty of doing the same thing?

 32 They also feared the LORD and appointed from among themselves all sorts of people as priests of the high places, who sacrificed for them in the shrines ofthe high places. 33So they feared the LORD but also served their own gods, after the manner of the nations from among whom they had been carried away.
 34To this day they do according to the former manner. They do not fear the LORD, and they do not follow the statutes or the rules or the law or the commandment that the LORD commanded the children of Jacob, whom he named Israel. 35The LORD made a covenant with them and commanded them, "You shall not fear other gods or bow yourselves to them or serve them or sacrifice to them,36but you shall fear the LORD, who brought you out of the land of Egypt with great power and with an outstretched arm. You shall bow yourselves to him, and to him you shall sacrifice. 37And the statutes and the rules and the law and the commandment that he wrote for you, you shall always be careful to do. You shall not fear other gods, 38and you shall not forget the covenant that I have made with you.You shall not fear other gods, 39but you shall fear the LORD your God, and he will deliver you out of the hand of all your enemies." 40However, they would not listen, but they did according to their former manner.

Are we guilty of believing in God, but not totally putting our faith in him just like the these people?  I say yes!

Do I trust what God says, when he says he will take care of me?  Do I believe Him when he says he will work out all things for good for me?  I think we do believe but, we put our trust in other things.  We serve those other things just like the people of the O.T. served those other gods. 

Whether it be:  money, "If I make enough money, I can take care of my family and all will be well."  job, "If I work hard, and work as much as I can, then I will have a stable, comfortable life."  relationships, "This person will fulfill me and give me unconditional support all of my life." 

Do you get the picture now?  We need to be careful that we aren't trying to serve two masters.   (or 3-6 masters)  The Bible tells us that that won't work!

Matthew 6:24
“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

Well, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  This lesson really spoke to me today.  I really appreciate any thoughts or comments that you have on the subject.

Prayer requests:
1.  Please pray for safe travels for me & the rest of the Torch teams as they travel to Honduras. (Also, the group that is already there in Costa Rica)
2.  Please pray for a co-worker who is having surgery in July.
3.  Please pray for the work that we will do in Honduras.  (1.  that we can be physically strong, 2. that we can be physically well (no major illnesses or injuries)  3.  that we can be spiritually strong

Again, don't forget, I will plan on posting daily from Honduras starting June 23.  You can also follow the work done by the Torch team who is currently in Costa Rica.

W.W. update:  You probably thought I had fallen off the wagon since I haven't mentioned Weight Watchers lately. Actually, that is far from the truth.  I'm actually (last time I weighed in) about 2 pounds from my goal!  So, things are going well in that department.  Two pounds may not seem like much, but at my age, it's about the same as 20 lbs.  I will not  give up!!!

Until next time!

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