Monday, June 30, 2014

Monkeys & a Flat Tire

Today is Sunday, a day of rest and travel.
Hot, even in front of a fan!


We headed back out to Agua Agria to worship with our brothers and sisters there.  After spending the day up on the mountain at Mission Lazarus, we weren’t real excited about heading back to the sweat box. (Sarah said they thermometers were reading 102 degrees the other day before she even tried to use it on the patients!)



It wouldn’t be Honduras if something didn’t happen.  We had just gotten on the rocky road to our village, when one of our tires blew.  We travel around in an old school bus, so we have a total of four tires.  There was no place to go for a repair and we didn’t have a spare, so we carefully made our 20 minute drive down the rocky road to our village.

Steve Johnson from Bell Shoals church of Christ entertaining the children before church.


It always is wonderful to worship in Central America.  The members always sing out with passion.  No can say they are truly participating in the song service.  Jeremy Myers , a youth minister from Cave Springs, Arkansas, gave the sermon and did a wonderful job.  I was actually one of the lucky ones and got to sit in front of a fan.  IT WAS STILL HOT THOUGH!    

If you look in the background, you can see Bev and Amber waiting for the bathroom!


At the end of the service, the ninos came in from Sunday school and handed out cards they had made.  It was very sweet and touching. Also, Sirhan got up and thanked us profusely for helping the community and showing the community that the inglesia de Cristo (Church of Christ) wanted to help them. (Even though it is the only church building there, everyone in the village does not attend church.)  Outside of the church, we learned that some of the ladies had made us a treat.  It was like a fried tortilla with refried beans and parmesan cheese on it.

This was right across from the church, the piglets were sure enjoying the mud!!!


We always spend 20-30 minutes hugging and saying “Proximo Ano”. (Next Year)  We are always sad to say goodbye and the little follow us to the bus, holding our hands, hugging and laughing with us.

views on the ride back

We had a long trip back to Teguc, but it was fairly uneventful.  As we went up the mountains, the temperatures start to drop and we started cooling off.  We did take a bathroom break at a very nice place that had a restaurant and a small free zoo out back.  It was a nice place to look around, buy water and stretch our legs.

This monkey was enjoying the water.

We stopped for dinner in Teguc and made it back to Villa Gracia around 7.  Room assignments were handed out and we had a short devotional.  There is another group here from West Virginia, so we have many people trying to use the internet.  That’s why I’m typing this around 5:30 am on Monday.  I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do today.  Some of us are coming down with tummy issues, but I’m still fine!!

We know we are close to the city when we see these.


Hasta luego!


PJ  xoxo




  1. Enjoying the updates while reminiscing.... Would love to be there with you in spite of the heat! Sherri

  2. Another great day. You look totally hot....I mean 102 degree, high humidity hot. LOL. Miss you and Godspeed.