Sunday, June 29, 2014

No Trabajar!!!!

morning devo

Normally on Torch trips, we work 6 days a week.  I guess our leaders took pity on the fact that we had been working in indoor steam rooms for 3 days and they let us have a day off!!!
Walking up to the covered pavilion where we had lunch, heaven on Earth!




First of all, we could eat breakfast anytime between 7 and 9, so that meant we could sleep in.  I sleep till after 6, which was late for me.  Devo was at 9:30 and the plan was to hit the road around 10.  I was very excited that we were headed to a beautiful place I had visited on my first Torch trip.  We drove about an hour up into the mountains to a community called San Marcos to spend time touring Mission Lazarus.


Local wildlife, One of these landed on my shirt later!
About 10 years ago, they were able to buy thousands of acres of land for a great deal and their mission was started there.  Jarred (Brown?) has a great story of how he ended up there.  He was not a Bible or a missions major, but a business/finance major, but he had gone on a mission trip.  After graduation, he started a lucrative career, but basically gave all of that up to come down here.  When he called his dad, his dad said, “Honduras has enough poor people, they don’t need one more!”
This is my delicious lunch, chicken skewers.




I won’t be able to describe all of the things they do as eloquently as he did, but I’m going to add their website address and list at least a few of the things they do.  Their main goal though is to plant churches.

This is a cool gift shop they have built.

Leather making school

(Dairy farm, gardening, beef, evangelizing, job training, medical clinics, economic development, orphanages, coffee plantation, and I’m sure many more things.)


I am up on the mountain surrounded by coffee bushes.

The land was as beautiful as I remembered, but there were many additions.  Mission Lazarus is now equipped to house and feed mission groups and actually other groups that might travel through.  We ate a delicious meal of either beef or chicken under a pavilion up on a mountain.  The views were breathtaking!  The temperatures were probably 30 degrees cooler, plus it was very windy and there was no humidity.


After lunch, Jarred shared about Mission Lazarus and answered questions.  As he was talking, I had an insect that was about 4 inches long land on my shirt.  It’s a good thing I’m not scared of bugs because I didn’t scream and interrupt our speaker.  


This is the chief of the coffee production. No, his name is not Juan Valdez.


coffee, up close

 It was a little hazy, but we were looking at Nicaragua and a volcano. (Maybe not in this exact view.)

We stopped at this patio, enjoyed the sights and had a fresh brewed cup of coffee.


 Selfie from an overlook.

Jarred also offered us a four wheel tour drive tour up into the mountain and about 26 of our group took the tour.  I have lots of pictures, so enjoy!!!  I won’t try to describe them all.  Tomorrow is Sunday, our plan is to worship with the brothers and sisters in Agua Agria and then make the 3-4 hour trip back to Teguc.


Hasta luego!!


PJ  xoxo


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