Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bananas & Broken Fan Belts, Tuesday's report

 Tuesday's Report (Posts will always be from the day before.)
View from the side of the road when our bus broke its fan belt

Today we loaded up and headed back to the bodega, better known as the warehouse.  Timotea met us there with a box truck and we loaded up the supplies to take to Choluteca.  (Clothing, medical, shoes, Bible study, & school supplies)


 While we were on the side of the road, I watched this young lady work in her outdoor kitchen and wash her dishes.

Torch has a long history of working in Choluteca.  Actually it is a small village called Agua Agria outside of Choluteca.  Timotea grew up there and his elderly father still lives there.  Timotea graduated from Baxter Bible University and became a preacher.  If I have the story right, Timotea asked Torch to work in his village because it didn’t have a church.


Through the years, Torch has built a church, added a concrete floor and pews.  Through the years, we have had gospel meetings, medical clinics and clothing giveaways.  Timotea would make a long trip (3-4 hours one way) every few weeks to hold a church service, but there wasn’t a full time minister for the community. 
Here is our hotel room. I am rooming with Sarah, our nurse, and Diane.
Almost two years ago, the Bell Shoals and South Trail churches of Christ (possibly others) hired and support the preacher.  Plus last year our group built a house and Sunday school room for the preacher and his family.  (As well as a home for the associate minister too.)

Randi, Bob, Taylor, Pat, and Bobby (They are from PA, FL and KY.)
In case you are wondering what we eat in Honduras....I could have also had a pancake, but this is beans and rice, a tortilla with chees, a fried plantain, and fruit.

Saying all of that, this group has close ties with Agua Agria (which means bitter water) and that is where we are working for 5 days.

I know this makes it look like we are on vacation, but I promise no one would come here for a vacation.  Our hotel does have very nice grounds.  We will be here through Sunday.


I know that is a long story, but our day was made up of picking up teams at the airport, giving them there packed lunch, changing money for them and collecting passports. 


We were excited to get an early start on our long road trip only to have the fan belt break on the bus.  Norland, the other Torch bus driver, came like Superman to save the day.  He gave his bus to us and stayed to fix the fan belt.  Apparently he can fix anything on our buses!!!!  He’s amazing!

You never know what will be crossing the road.
Here's a preview of our ride out to Agua Agria:

We made it to our hotel, which is very nice for Honduras standards.  The whole group left for dinner and Diane and I stayed back because we were beat and I wasn’t really hungry.  We will have the devo later and will probably be breaking down our medical supplies to get ready for our clinics.

There is nothing like being in Central America during the World Cup!!!


Until next time!!! (Oh, don't let me forget to tell you the story of Dr. Ponce!!!)


PJ  xoxo


  1. Beautiful countryside! Life happens all over, wonderful to have the bus driver's knowledge to rely upon in crisis. Filling food, good choice instead of pancake. So glad your supplies were intact and you arrived safely. Thanks for sharing the moments! Nice pictures! Kim Kelley

  2. Thanks for your comment Kim. Everything is great. I'm so glad to know you and other are reading my blog!

  3. Have a great day. Sounds like things are about to start with the teams arriving. We all miss you and love you but know they need you more in Honduras. Stay safe.