Friday, June 20, 2014

Advance Team Work


Advance Team work



Advance team work is more laid back than the usual work we do.  That is a good thing because when the first team gets here tomorrow, we will hit the ground running.


Pics from El Patio


First you will see some pics I took our first night when we went to El Patio.  They are known for their delicious grilled meats and generous portions.  It’s also a bad thing when Diane and I are the translators for our group.  We seemed to get a lot of things we didn’t order, but the total bill was not too bad considering there were 7 of us!!!


I was glad to be at my hone away from home!

Today, I started the day with some wonderful Honduran coffee and then we did some prep to get ready for Team 1.  Here is a list of the things we did:


Here is Diane working on her Ladies' Bible lesson.

This is the dining area at the mission house.


1.        Pulled boxes of shoes, clothes, VBS and medical supplies for our trip to Choluteca.


2.       Terry checked on flights for the small group who will go to Costa Rica at the end.  Last year, he used a private company that had very good rates.  It was no longer there and the rates at the counter were not good.  The clerk said rates would be better over the internet, but IF ANYONE KNOWS A WAY TO GET ABOUT 22 ONE WAY TICKETS TO COSTA RICA FOR A GOOD RATE, PLEASE MESSAGE ME!!!!

The bodega (warehouse)

3.       We also made a trip to the grocery store to buy supplies to make sack lunches for Team Choluteca.  We bought bananas, bread, peanut butter & jelly, bologna & cheese, cookies, chips and juice aka sugar water.


4.       There is a small team here from Jacksonville, FL.  They invited us to ride down the mountain with them to Baskin Robbins. Sarah, Diane and I went.  I went for the ride, but I was almost asleep on my feet.


Tomorrow, we will make the sack lunches. Load up the luggage and supplies that we will need for our 5 day trip to Choluteca and then pick up Team Choluteca at the airport around noon.


We will then make the 3-4 trip by school bus to Choluteca aka the place where the devil goes to get a hot cup of coffee!!!  Hopefully the internet will work better there!!!  Hasta luego!!


Xoxo  PJ


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