Monday, June 23, 2014

Torch Missions 2014 Cholutecta, Tegucigalpa Honduras & Costa Rica

Bienvenidos a Honduras
(sorry, no new photos because of poor internet!)


We use that phrase here often. Translated it means “Welcome to Honduras!”, but it has a second meaning.  It also means, “This is Honduras and things may not be the same as back home!”



Yesterday was a travel day.  I spent part of both Friday and Saturday packing and getting all of my supplies.  Saturday evening, Nick, Taylor and I had a farewell dinner at The Depot in Springfield, TN. Then I tried to go to bed early because my travel day started at 3:30 am. 



Nick figured out that I could upgrade to first class which would include the cost of my second bag for a few extra $$$.  First class was a nice treat for my flight down to Miami. 


My flight down to Honduras was uneventful, but if you know anything about landing in the capital, it’s like landing in a soup bowl because mountains surround you and the runway is short.  Only specially trained pilots can land there.  Our landing seemed a little rough, but we made it and as usual, the passengers all clapped afterwards.


We had a long line in customs, but finally made it through and meet up with our fearless leader, Terry Reeves and the local missionaries, Mark and Lori Connell. 


While Terry waiting on the last of the advance team, Mark took us to the warehouse, so we could check and see the state of our supplies since last year.  Surprisedly, it was as we left it.  So other words, we should have enough supplies, which is good since we didn’t ship a container this year.



We finally made it up to our home away from home, Villa Gracias around 4 pm.  Most of us were beat because we had little sleep and had been up since early early morning.


Terry and the guys watched the disappointing US World Cup soccer match.  After that was over, we literally piled 7 people in a small pickup and headed down the mountain to one of our favorite local restaurants, El Patio.  It is known for its delicious typical Honduran grilled meats.  Diane and I shared some wonderful chicken and steak.



By the time we got back, it was only 9 pm local time, but we all headed to bed. 


It is Monday and our plan is to work in the warehouse, break down medications, and prepare lunches for the rest of our team which will arrive tomorrow!!!


FYI, it is possible that I won’t have a good internet connection until we get to Choluteca on Tuesday, so…….Adios!!


Monday is my husband’s birthday!!  Join me in wishing him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I love you!

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  1. Thank you, I love you too. Sounds as if you guys hit the ground running. Be safe and have a blessed day.