Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm Alive!!!

Yes, I’m Alive!!!! Demo for "Toddlers & Tiaras" Pose 

(purse lips, and title head! lol)

Wow, it’s been over a month since I posted.  The last couple of months have been extremely busy with:  end of the year teaching, Zumba, teaching Zumba, making jewelry, selling jewelry, learning Zumba and Zumba!!!  Fortunately, I LOVE Zumba, so I have been happy!!  Instead of boring you with words, I will try to tell the story in pictures!!!!!

End of the Year Tradition:  FIELD DAY!!!

Memorial Day Shrimp Boil

Last day with students, Game Day

Cleaning desks with shaving cream

                        Giving out class awards (They were so sweet!  They were giving speeches and thanking their classmates!!)

                 Showing of their awards!!

Saying good-bye on the last day!

Another tradition:  Waving good-bye on the hill!  We had 7 retirees, so it was especially poignant!!

Zumba News/Updates

Good News/Bad News??  I took the training and became a Zumba instructor.  The bad news is:  Everyone who pays gets the certification/license.  The good news is:  Everyone who pays gets the certification/license.  Translation: I'm excited to have this, but I have learned that it isn't as easy as it looks.  I have a new found respect for fitness instructors. 

I also started a Zumba class at my school.  I had a class at my school and had a loyal group that attended.  Thankfully, were all brand new to Zumba and didn't have anything to compare me to.  :)  I even had a Book Club friend come and bring her daughter.  She sent me a message later and said that her daughter loved it and wanted to go to the gym with her.  That was amazing she said because this was coming from someone who never liked to exercise.  THAT MADE MY DAY!!!!

I have done many other Zumba related things since I got my training:

1.  I have attended two ZIN Jams.  (You learn choreography to 4-5 songs with expert instructors

It's a small Zumba world.  I did this training in Murray the day after I got my license!!

2.  I have gone to "Rockin' the Stage with Gina & Tanya".  (Gina & Tanya are huge names in the Zumba world.)  See below:

3.  I have visited lots of other Zumba instructors' classes.  I figure that's a good way to get more knowledge under my belt.

4.  I went to a Bellydance class. (Let me tell you,  IT IS NOT EASY!!)!/photo.php?v=3537042783522 (Go to this link to see some of our bellydancing!!)

This is Jason Thompson from Lexington, KY. You may recognize him from Zumba games and videos.

5. I have attended some Zumba Master classes.

6.  I've made lots of Zumba friends!!

Until next time!!! Only 18 days until Honduras!!!!


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