Sunday, June 24, 2012

Honduras? Again??

Honduras?? Again?

I have lots to do, and I’m putting off the actual packing part because once I start there is no going back!!!  It seems like it tears up the whole house.  I have started buying some of the things I need for my trip.  Just imagine…..packing for 20 days!  It’s not like packing for vacation because I’m not going to a place with hair dryers, towels, complimentary toiletries, and ATMs around every corner! (I found that out on my first trip to Honduras!)

Instead of giving you a written account of why I go to Honduras, I will post pictures from my past 5 trips.  Hopefully the pictures will tell the story!!!

The First Trip in 2007:

(We always fall in love with the children at the orphanages.  Most of the children were put there not because there parents die, but because they can't afford to take care of them.)

The second picture shows us breaking down bulk food.  We break it down and deliver food to the poor in the villages.  You also see a child from the special orphanage that we visit every year.  The last picture is from one of our favorite orphanages that we visit every year called Didasko.  This picture captures how excited the children were to get the shoes we brought!

 I'm not sure how this got here, but it's from my first trip. We painted a church that met in a huge warehouse.

 We always have a variety of jobs to choose from. We were at a plantation owned by a mission. This place had many things and here we were helping them by planting trees for reforestation. The place was called Mission Lazarus. Look them up on the internet, they do many amazing things!!

Honduras 2008:  That was the year that I had an unfortunate incident with my career, so...... no pictures!!!

Honduras 2009:
(This was the year our trip was cut short because of political unrest in Honduras.  We were very careful and stayed out of the city and made the best of our trip.  We had a big picnic in a park and brought in 200+ people in from the surrounding villages.)

Going to church, our group helped put in a concrete floor the day before.)

More bulk food organizing

 Great fellowship!!!

       Picnic, VBS, & soccer in the park! If I'm not mistaken, we did this on the Fourth of July!

It rains almost every day and usually in a torrential downpour.  This picture shows where we stay.  We call it "The Mission House", also Villa Gracias.

                                Our group decided we should leave the country early because of the political situation.  I took this picture as we drove to the airport.  We weren't sure what we might see when we went to the city. 

Honduras 2010:

This year, we were not only in the capital city, Teguc, but we went to Catacamas.  I think we are going back there this year.  You will see pictures that we took of a private special needs orphanages. (A man totally runs it through donations.)  You will also see VBS classes that our group did in the local schools.

We worked with this church and had a three day gospel meeting (revival) with them.  We also painted the church.

Honduras 2011:

I stayed 20 days last year, so I did many different things and took lots of pictures.  I'm staying 20 days again this year too!!

                                         ONe of the nicer buses we travel in.  They are usually much more full than this.

                                        Interns acting out Bible stories in the local school.  This was in the lovely town of Santa Rosa de Copan. (We had never been there and I loved that beautiful town!)  We worked with Mission Upreach when we were there!

Going to paint at Didasko Orphanage, one of my favorite places!!

painting bathhouse

Visiting hospitals and special needs orphanages

Working in the very poor area called Moaloa.  There is a church that has a daily meal program for the local children and they run a free daycare for working parents.

You see me working in the daycare and the house I was able to build with earring profits and contributions last year!

We will see what God has in store for me this year.  Please pray for our safe travels, our health and the work we will do!!!  You should start seeing my blog next Wednesday.  Post a comment and let me know who is reading!!!!! 

Until next time!!  xoxoPJ


  1. Enjoyed seeing all the pictures. Will be looking forward to reading all your posts.

  2. Love the "picture stories". Blessings as you do the the Lord's work. Such a needy harvest....... thankful for laborers, like you.

    Judy (Lolly's cousin)