Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 4: Rocks, Dirt and then Rain!!!

I have on my sunscreen and I'm ready to garden. (see the ground behind me! :/)
Day 4: San Ysidro                      

We spent the day working with a small village outside of Catacamas called San Ysidro.  JoAnn and Dwight are missionaries that were our contacts that helped coordinate our efforts.  The village has one church and it is a Church of Christ.  The church sits on 2 acres of land that have been donated to the community.  This land is set aside for the benefit of the village.  Several mission groups have already come and worked before us and the villagers are very excited about the work that is done.

This group was putting rocks in the metal posts so mosquitoes wouldn't lay eggs in them.

  Today, we had several projects going.  Some people worked on putting up a security fence around the perimeter, others put together ceiling fans that we brought for the church, painted some of the outside buildings, dug a trench around the fence, put screens in the church windows, and I worked on “tilling” the ground for a community garden.  I put tilling in quotes because of course we didn’t have a tiller, we actually had on pick axe, a metal pole thing with a sharp end (they have a name, but I don’t know what it’s called!)and two not very sharp hoes. 
                                        The community was also working on building an addition to the church.

                                              His sister was the one who worked all day.
 We were supposed to prepare a twelfth of an acre with just those things!!!!  I didn’t believe it would every begin to look like a garden, but by about 5:30, it kind of did. I say this because the dirt was so dry it was almost like concrete and there was lots of rocks!! We had help from a 21 year old Honduran girl named Jennifer, who didn’t stop working at digging up roots all day!!!!
Jennifer is to the right.

El Caballo

It is starting to look like a garden!

This is a pond they have dug out because they want to have a tilapia pond.  They are also trying to ge)t a community well dug, but it hasn't happened so far. (for different reasons)

taking a little break from the sun

And the rains came and we got soaked!!!

We plan on going back there to finish what we started tomorrow.  We will also be having a Vacation Bible School sometime tomorrow for the children and we will go to church there on Sunday! 

Soaking wet and heading back to the hotel
relaxing before dinner, That is Minor Perez, everyone teases him because with his accent he says "deen-her".

This is the Honduran rainy season, but we found out that it hasn’t rained in two weeks.  (not good for the crops that they rely on to feed their families)  Our small group of ladies and girls had decided to say a prayer before we started our work and one of the things we prayed for was rain for this village.  God answered our prayers around 5:00, when it started pouring down and we had to run back to the bus.  We were all soaked and dirty, but it sure felt good!!!!

Until next time!!!  Xoxo PJ


  1. That garden is looking good! I know you are tired - in that "I worked hard and happy" way. I especially loved the picture of you with the little boy. :~) Sounds like you got a real drenching at the end of the day. I remember those downpours! Have a restful night. Looking forward to the next post.

  2. Tha kful for the rain, sure wish we could get some here. 109 yesterday Sounds as if you are happy! Wonderful work!