Monday, June 11, 2012

Rocky Mountain Sky

Vacation, Day 1

The night before:

It’s about 11:16 and I have about finished packing.  Nick and I are going on a little vacation to Estes Park, CO.  I run into this with every trip I take, WHAT DO I PACK???  I never know, so my solution……is pack some of everything.  I have to get up early, so I’m going to go for now.  I plan on taking lots of pictures to share my trip with you!!

Today:  We left the house around 4:30 because the news was reporting that the airport would be busy because of Bonnaroo and the CMAs.  We got there a little after they  opened and we had no problem checking in at all.  I realized when I got there that I was dressed inappropriately…..I forgot my short shorts and cowboy hat and boots!!!  ;) I say that because every young tourist girl was dressed that way!!

We had a great flight that was great because it was uneventful.  When we reached the Denver airport, we were able to upgrade our rental car to a convertible!!!  There are definitely perks to having a husband who travels for work!!!!

We had about an hour to drive from Denver to Estes Park.  The views were spectacular and I took LOTS of pictures.  As we got closer and closer to Estes Park, the views got better and better.  We checked into The Lake Shore Lodge at Estes Park. (This is right by the lake and has a gorgeous view). Then we headed over to The Rocky Mountain National Park,  the entrance is in Estes Park. 

                                               in our hotel lobby

                                                   view from our balcony

I did this..........

before I saw this.......

                                             more wildlife

 It was great (a little chilly) to ride around with the top down and take lots of pictures! Afterwards, we walked around and looked at some of the shops.  We topped off the evening by driving through the grounds of The Stanley Hotel.  In case you don’t know, The Stanley Hotel is where the movie “The Shining” was filmed.  Believe it or not, Stephen King wrote the story after staying in the “haunted” Stanley Hotel.  We are considering eating there later this week.

We finished the day by walking the path around the lake.  We were tired, so we didn’t go far.  It was very quiet, calm and peaceful!

                                                our hotel

Well, it’s time to say good-night!!! I’ll be sure and take more pictures tomorrow.  We are hoping to rest up tonight so we can go back to the park and hike tomorrow.  Until next time!!! PJ

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