Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 3: I could live here!!!

June 13, 2012                      Another gorgeous day in the Rockies

We decided we wanted to do another hike today.  This time we were going to begin at the Lumpy Ridge trailhead, which isn’t directly in RMNP.  I had read on-line about a hike to Gem Lake.  It said it was fairly steep, but about the same distance as the hike yesterday.

Heading to the Lumpy Ridge Trail head

We started off and the day was another beauty.  It was sunnier and warmer, but still very pleasant.  We had been gone about 10 minutes and you could tell that it was a much tougher hike than yesterday. (Very steep, but smooth)  Nick doesn’t work out as much as I do.  Well, actually I’m being nice.  He never works out. 

                                               Decisions decisions, can we make it???  We had already hiked about .3 of
                                             mile on a steep trek by this point. We headed toward Gem Lake.


We were on a rocky outcrop when we took this picture.

 I think he was starting to doubt his ability early on.  I have an amazing ability of not looking ahead, he on the other hand, was realizing that we had a long hike up and once we got there, we would have to do the whole thing all of the way back down. 

                                       Everyone was nice on the trail. We met two young girls who were sisters
                                       who offered to take our picture.

I think we probably got .3 miles from the end and Nick said that he was heading back and I could go on.  We had seen lots of people and families and everyone was nice, but I decided not to finish by myself.  We turned around and heading back.  All in all, we hiked about 3 miles.  After we got back the car, I looked this trail up on the internet and they classified it moderate to strenuous.  That made me feel a little better about quitting.  I DON’T LIKE TO QUIT, but, oh well!

We headed back down to the city and had a late breakfast at a place called “The Egg and I”. I had a delicious egg white omelet. (See picture)

We then headed back into the RMNP because we wanted to drive back up and hopefully see the Continental Divide. We actually saw the highest point on that road, which was over 12,000 ft. We stopped at the Alpine Visitor Center which had a nice gift shop and observation area. I have lots of amazing pictures.

                                               This is the egg white omelet that I ate after our hike.  It was at "The Egg
                                               and I".  It was delicious!!!

One last visit to the Rocky Mountain National Park.  We were headed toward the Continental Divide. The pics don't do justice to how high up we were!!!!

View out of the back of the convertible

It was a little scary driving here!  There was no shoulder!!!!

Sound of music moment!!!!

We were at about 12,000 feet here!!!

                                 This was the first time we could see the wildfires.

Right now it’s about 4:30 here and we are resting in the room.  Nick is beat and asleep on the couch.  I’m about to clean up and get ready for this Zumba class that I’ve found that begins at 6 pm.  I actually found the class and instructor through the ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network).  I’m looking forward to “Joining the Party here in Estes Park”.  After that, I’m not sure what we may do.  Nick, at least will be rested! J  I will let you know if we do anything exciting.

                                   I am not crazy.  Elk roam right through downtown Estes Park. We saw this elk right beside where I took the Zumba class!!!

We walked along the riverwalk and looked for a place to have dinner.

Tomorrow, we fly home, but our flight is in the early afternoon.  I’m not sure that we will have time to do anything, but at least we won’t have to rush to leave! 

Until next time!!!  PJ


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