Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 2, Colorado hiking, wildlife & fun

Day 2                                            another beautiful day

Nick woke up not feeling so well, so we took our time leaving for the day. (We thought this may have been due to the altitude.)  We ate in our suite and left in the late morning.  We took a little road trip to Boulder, which was about 45 minutes.  We opted not to go to Fort Collins.  It was a little closer, but the wildfires were in that direction. 

                                                 The road to Boulder was a bike route. We saw lots of bikers.

Great views everywhere you looked

We ate in Boulder at a cool place called, “Wahoo Fish Tacos” and found a Target.  I was needing a new pair of jeans because most of my other ones are too big, and I only brought one pair of jeans with me!!!!

                                                 A different view of the Stanley Hotel

We got back to Estes Park and headed back to the Rocky Mountains National Park because our plan was to go on a hike.  There were many hikes to choose from, but we picked a 3.5 mile “easy” trek.  The weather was mild and the sights were amazing.  I’m in decent shape and let’s just say I would hate to try out the longer “hard” trails.  I won’t try to describe the hike, but I hope the pictures do it justice.

                                                 park entrance

                                             another option instead of hiking

                                              Trying to get a little sun

                                      We just missed getting a picture of a moose that was in this stream!!

           Say "cheese" mule deer!!

We made it to the pool!!!

After our hike, we walked around and checked out some of the quaint shops downtown.  We ate delicious burgers at a place called Penelope’s and then headed back to our room for the night.

You may not be able to tell, but this is a Triceratops skull fossil that was in one of the shops.  It only cost $12,000.

                                           We drove around outside of town.  Look carefully and you will see an interesting rock formation.

Tennessee is beautiful, but can you imagine living here???

Tomorrow is our last full day.  I’m thinking we will do some more hiking and I’m excited to say I have found a Zumba class to visit tomorrow night!!!

Until next time!!! PJ


  1. Watch out for the moose, they can paw you to death. Looks beautiful!

  2. Haha! I sweat I saw either a moose or an elk walking right through the town yesterday!!

  3. *swear, and yes, we saw them again today!!!