Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do you think a tornado can stop Superwoman????

Do you think I would let 10 tornado warnings stop me??? Yes??? Guess again!  Life must go on, tornado warnings or not!!!

getting ready from Easter dinner

I have been taking a little break from blog writing.  Uploading all of those Vegas pictures was quite a task.  If you have been watching the weather, you know that the KY/TN (as well as the whole South) as been slammed with tornadoes since........I don't know........forever????  I know I had bad weather the night after I got back from Vegas and it has seemed like every day since!!!! I thought some of you might be a little concerned.  Well, we are just fine!!

When there is a tornado warning, I don't really get scared, but I don't want to be stupid and I  want to be prepared.  My bedroom is actually on the second floor by a huge window.  I know that isn't a good place to be during a tornado.  So, when bad weather is predicted during the night I always wonder what I should do.  (Go to sleep and hope for the best???) 

Early Tuesday morning, the weather woke me up and it sounded pretty bad (there was a tornado warning), so I went down a half bath downstairs.  It gets very cramped with me and my 75 lb. dog.


I have also become quite proficient at watching the radar and tracking the storm.  My county is very large, so I can also track the storm to see if it looks like it is coming to our part of the county.  Well, last night, I was keeping an eye on the radar and the storm was heading my way.

I got a great idea.....Instead of being awakened by the storm, I decided to be Proactive (not the face product). I put the capital in purpose as a joke, although it may not be a very good one!  :D  I decided to get my air mattress, sheets and pillows and put it downstairs in the hallway right outside of that half bath. (No, I didn't take a picture!) This way, I could go to sleep and not worry about waking up in the middle of the night and making a decision when I was half asleep. 

It started sounding kind of bad right when I was falling asleep, but I went to sleep knowing I was in the best safest place in my house.  I also knew that if it got really bad, I could dive into the half-bath.  It did storm, and got noisy, but not too bad.  I actually slept really well.  Much better than the night before.

Clarksville really hasn't been hit very hard at all.  There is a lot of downed trees, and broken branches, but we have really been lucky.  Many have been without power and Montgomery Co. even canceled school on Tuesday because of that.  I never lost my power, so that was great.  We've been getting word that Alabama has really been hit hard.  My thoughts and prayers go out to them.  I actually have Torch Mission friends that live in Alabama and I'm praying for them especially!

Sights around Clarksville:

You can see some of the damage caused by the strong winds.  I think the bigger concern is flooding.  Clarksville had the worst flood in a 100 years almost exactly a year ago.  You can see from my pictures that there is already lots of flooding.  While I was at my meeting tonight, I read where volunteers were filling sandbags.  Let's hope the rain stops!!!  More people die in floods than any other natural disaster.  (If I have my facts correct!!)

Random pictures from the past week:

I love me some delicious blackberries!!  0 WW pts!

delicious Easter dinner at my mom's new house

Here I am Monday.  I was on a quest for a Zumba class.  I found one at the local Baptist Family Life Center.  (Ladies' only!)  The instructor was awesome.  We ladies were rockin & booty boppin!!!!  It was great, although about 40 ladies were crammed in a small room. :/  I can't got back to Zumba till Friday night.  I have had two evening meetings this week! :(

Here's the latest Buffalo Wild Wings update.  The parking lot is almost done and they have a sign up that they are hiring.  Can someone tell my son that he needs to apply???

Some of my sweet second graders made this.  They know I have a blog and they wanted me to take a picture of it to put in my blog!!

I was going to end my blog with the song, "Blue Skies".  You may remember the Willie Nelson version.  Well, look what I turned up on Youtube.  This group is interesting.  It's called: Noah and the Whale.  Check it out!!

<iframe width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here's a picture that I found for you.....Here's to.....Blue Skies

xoxo PJ


  1. Thankfully, we have gotten the blue skies today!

  2. Glad you made is safely through the storms! We have had some tornado activity---but northern Alabama was hit so badly! Friends house just gone--almost 200 dead--it's so sad!

    Thanks for all the pictures--I hane enjoyed them all!

  3. I'm glad you all are okay too! I was prepared, but it didn't ever get too bad here. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!