Thursday, April 21, 2011

Las Vegas Teil Zwei

(This is my second installment for my Spring Break Las Vegas trip.)  I'm actually writing this on Thursday, April 21.  I have been catching up on some dental and doctor appointments the past two days.  I also survived a possible tornado in the wee hours Wednesday.  Most of Clarksville lost power, but we didn't, so, that was good.  I wasn't able to go to the Y though, because evidently the Y didn't have power.  By the way, I changed the blog green in honor of Earth Day!!

More pictures from Sunday, April 17  We started walking at about 11 am Vegas time until about 11 pm!!!  We were the walking wounded by the time we got back to our room that night!

The weather was awesome.  It was sunny and the temps were high 80s or low 90s.  We loved it because Clarksville was dreary and about 50 degrees when we left!!

View from one of the pedestrian walkways that goes across the street.

There are lots of cool stores in Vegas.  You will see a picture of us with the Coca-Cola bear.  (It's not the most flattering picture of me, but on the positive, the picture is a good motivation to stick to the diet!!)

We walked through the best hotels.  Everyone of them has cool sights inside.

The hotel, Paris Paris

I'm pretty sure this was in Planet Hollywood or the Cosmopolitan.  Our show was in this hotel.  Believe it or not, but, this was all inside.  Our show was a hilarious variety show.  It had comedians, impersonators, acrobats and all kinds of stuff.  It was clean and we laughed so much our faces hurt!!!  I believe it was called "V The Variety Show".  The tickets were very reasonable, and I would recommend it to anyone!!!

Hotel Bellagio (In my mind, heaven will be like the Hotel Bellagio!)

The hotel had two atrium areas and beautiful flowers were planted everywhere.  They also had a greenhouse with butterflies in it.

I mentioned Tix4Tonight in Vegas Part 1.  When you buy your tickets, they always recommend restaurants close to your show.  You pay a small fee and you get a good discount at the restaurant.  We chose a place called Todai, which was an all you can eat seafood/sushi buffet.  It was good and it was a great way to try out different kinds of sushi.

Here we are chillin' in the shade waiting and resting awhile before we went to lunch/dinner.  I believe this was outside at Caesar's Palace. (I'm not sure though.)

Nighttime self-portrait

I was posting FB statuses from Vegas using my IPhone.  I was amazed by the quality of the pictures.  I think I had some people believing that I rented this car.  :0)  It was available to rent for a small fee!!

Vegas at night is awesome!!

Tomorrow, Friday, April 22 is Earth Day!!!  I may take a break from Vegas blogs and do an Earth Day blog.  Stay tuned because it is a subject that I'm passionate about!  I do drive a hybrid, recycle everything, and carry cloth shopping bags

I have tons of more Vegas pictures to share, so, stay tuned!!!!

xoxo PJ

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