Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Las Vegas, Parte Uno (is this correct??)

Friday, April 15:  My motto this week, "I can stand anything!!!  It's the last day before Spring Break.  The students were actually well-behaved and we had "Popcorn Friday" (You don't want to know!) and I decided to do some jelly bean Math activities.

Welcome to my photo studio!  Is this blurry or is it me???

The kids loved the jelly bean math activities.  Surprising, since the class next door had an egg hunt!!!

Saturday, April  16  This is a catch up blog.  I'm actually writing this on Tuesday night, and I'm trying to back track and remember everything from the past 4 days!!!  I got up Sat. like usual.  I weighed in at WW.  If you will remember, I lost 2 lbs. last time.  This week, I gained 1.4!!!!! :(  I'm still dieting and working out 4 times a week!!!!!  :(  

Friday was very tiring.  I tried to pack for Vegas, but I was too tired.  I couldn't decide what I might want to wear, so I just packed some of everything and I didn't finish till about an hour before I left on Saturday.  Nick had used Frequent Flyer miles, so we had to take what ever flight we could.  That meant a late afternoon flight, with stops in Kansas City and Denver.  The good news was that I still got to go to my 10:30 Zumba class!! I've got to work those pounds off!!!

 BWW update (Chilly dreary day in Clarksville!)

Passing by Opry Mills on the way to the airport.  You may remember that it was flooded about a year ago.  It's supposed to open back next year in the spring.

My husband uses this service when he travels and I did too.  I used rewards points.  It's a limo service that takes you to the airport.

It's awkward to do a self-portrait in the back of an empty limo.

Friendly limo driver

My retired friend and I flew Southwest.  We had a great flight.  We had no unforeseen problems. (ie loss of cabin pressure or missing pieces of plane)

Sweet little girl named Frankie.  We were impressed with the daddy who was traveling alone with her.

We finally landed in Vegas.  Apparently, Vegas is a very popular tourist destination in the springtime for people all over the world!!!  We ran into lines everywhere.  We almost got to witness senior citizen drama in the Hertz rental car line. 

Travel advice:  When using a GPS, be careful when choosing your destination!!!  You may find that you are going to a totally different continent!!  :0)  I'm exaggerating!  We did actually go out of our way and ended up at the wrong end of the strip and stuck in horrendous traffic!!!  New theme:  "It's all good!"

There were many people checking in at midnight!! 

We finally got our room and it was about midnight in Vegas and 2 am at home.  We hadn't eaten since lunch, so we got a bite to eat in the hotel.

Our plan was to get up and try to get a good deal on show tickets at Tix4Tonight.


April 17  We are staying at the Luxor, an Egyptian themed hotel.  Our room is very nice!  I was awakened by strange noises coming from the next room.  I will not discuss that here.

View from our hotel room (The weather was sunny and supposed to be in the high 80s and low 90s.)  That sounds like a nice change from the weather we left in Tennessee.

The Cirque de Soleil tickets that we wanted were sold out, but we got tickets to a variety show.  These were a good price, and buying them qualified us to get in the VIP line for tickets for tomorrow.

We did a lot of looking a walking.  Here's a picture of me looking around at the Coca-Cola store.

You see lots of things in Vegas!!!

 You can get your pictures taken with Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse, Bart Simpson.........any character you can think of!!!!

Stay Tuned for Las Vegas Parts 2-??????  I'm actually writing this on Tuesday night.  My body clock is trying to get back on schedule.  I had a long nap earlier.  We left nice sunny desert weather and I'm back in tornado watch weather.  Here's to an uneventful night!!!

xoxo PJ

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