Friday, April 8, 2011

Blue Skies From Now on????

Tuesday, April 5

Today is "Day Without Shoes".  I hope you watched the video that I posted on my last blog.  It explained more about this special day.  I wasn't able to go without shoes, but I wore my t-shirt and my Tom's shoes.

The storms from yesterday are gone and today was brisk, sunny and beautiful!!

Buffalo Wild Wings update

Mitzi is amazing.  She was acting upset because she couldn't find her boy.  He was hiding.

I had Bunco at my house and I was out of town this weekend, so that meant that I had missed 3 Zumba classes!!  :(  I really missed it.  A lady at the Y said that there was a Zumba class  at Austin Peay on Tuesday nights, so I thought I would try it out.  I was definitely one of the oldest in the class.  We did lots of booty pops!!!  It was fun.  My co-teacher's student teacher met me there!

APSU's new Hemlock Semi-conductor building

I hadn't driven on APSU's campus in a long time.  I have always been under-whelmed by its campus.  Well, I actually have to say that they have made improvements and it was very nice.  The Fitness Center is brand new and it was amazing!!! Clarksville is getting a semi-conductor company and there is now a special program for that at APSU. (sorry, I'm not using the correct scientific jargon!)  You will see the Hemlock Semi-Condutor building above.  Pretty impressive!!!

Wed., April 6

Sorry for the silly picture!  Wednesday was a beautiful day.  The boys in my class are getting Spring fever and this week seems two years long!!

Something I see on my daily drive

I had a co-teacher ask me to make jewelry for the flower girl that would be in her wedding.  I assumed that she would want nice silver jewelry.  I was very proud of the way they turned out, but she had something else in mind.  It's very hard to do custom orders for people.

I would put a picture of the silver necklace and bracelet, but they really didn't show up.  I found some adorable small tiny silver flower charms. (not seen in this picture)

Sadly, there will no be no Zumba for me tonight because I have a meeting before church.  :(

Mitzi, the service dog, on the playground

Thursday, April 7:   Have I said that this week is lasting forrrrrrrrrrr-eeeeeevvvvvveeeerrrrrrrrrrrr????

Making a Starbucks run before school (This blogging tool drives me crazy.)  I don't know why I can't add a caption to the following picture.

I'm not exactly sure what day I took this picture, but I love this building.  Many of you may know that much of downtown Clarksville was destroyed by a tornado about 10 years ago.  This was one of the new buildings that was put up.

All of the craziness came to a head on Thursday.  Nothing specific, just second grade nonsense that drives teachers crazy.  The hubby was going to be back in town, so I decided I would meet him for sushi tonight instead of our usual Friday night date.  When I'm mentally stressed, it's often easy to forgo a workout even though that's when I really need it.  So, I went to the Y and ran on the treadmill.  We meet at Kori after that.

When we finished, there was still some daylight and the hubby suggested that we do a geo-cache.  

We have only done a few geo-caches, but it's fun.  We had downloaded and application to my Iphone.  It automatically tells you where the closest ones are.  There are clues and you use that, plus, the GPS on your phone to find them.  We found two on the way home.  They were only 100 yds. from each other.  (See the pictures below.)  I'm hoping that we can look for some more this weekend.

We also found some interesting bird tracks.

Hoping we find a geo-cache and not a snake

All caches have a log to sign and many have a little trinket.  If you take it, you are to replace it with something else.

The second one was in a bird house, but there were wasps in there too.  We left it alone.

Here I am running back to the car.  This had been a fun way to end the day.


Friday, April 8:  Our school is having a Wellness Fair and a Walkathon.  Here is a truth about second graders.  Anything different gets them wound up!!!!  Yesterday, we had pictures, today this!!!!  Well it's Friday, so I can probably stand anything!

Hubby taking Cocoa out for an early morning walk

Breaking Dawn (not the Twilight series)

I think I can, I think I can!!!

First thing on the agenda:  Touring Wellness Fair

Kids checking out a model of 5 pounds of fat!

Bad News:  After I take my kids to Spanish, I see the principal in the hall.  She says they are short of subs and we won't have our second planning time.  Oh well, It is Friday!!!!!  I will just have to hold it from 12:00-3:15!!!

At 1:30, the whole school went on a 1.5 mile walk around Ft. Cambell.  The weather was nice, and the kids were pretty good.

We had several of our parents come and walk with us.  Many of those parents took their children home with them.

Hurray, I had Zumba at 5:30.  I'm really expecting a loss at WW tomorrow!!!  We had a substitute instructor in Zumba, and boy, I worked it and sweated. Between walking 1.5 miles and doing 45 min. of Zumba, I can say I worked out today! I also had a grilled chicken salad at Sonic.  DID I SAY THAT I'M EXPECTING A LOSS AT WW?????????  I'm sitting here and it's 9:21 and I'm kind of hungry, but I'm going to be good.  Saturday is my treat day.  I think the hubby and I will have breakfast at IHop!!!  Sounds good doesn't it????

Left at sunrise, coming home at sunset

My girl was waiting for me when I got home!!

I hope you like all of the pics because they are kind of a pain to upload!!!  I hope you have a great weekend!  I will let you know how the geo-caching goes!!

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