Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 4: Shipwrecks, president's & sunshine

It's Saturday and it's our last full day in KW. Our plan is to tour the " Little White House". It was a two residences on the naval air station that was renovated and used as a vacation home while Truman was president.

I was able to take lots of pictures on the grounds and two rooms inside, but we were unable to take them inside. Rene, our tour guide, was an interesting informative fellow, who was all of five fee and probably 80 pounds. The home had of it's original furniture and because of hundreds of photographs taken by the Navy, they know the actual furniture placement.

After this tour, we were walking around and decided to tour the Mel Fisher Treasure museum. It was a self-guided tour and I didn't find it quite as interesting, but I was able to take pictures.

I finished the afternoon sitting in the sun reading. Our pool is on the second floor roof and was quite crowded, so I wasn't very close to the pool and I never got in it. The temperature has been hovering in the low 80s, which is quite nice!!

We fly out tomorrow and I guess I'm ready. I have lots to do (take down Christmas decorations) and I'm looking forward to working out and enjoying some days off before I have to back to work on Jan. 7th!,,,

Happy New Year!

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