Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 3: Bahia, butterflies & Mallory Square

I'm post this on Saturday, but this is actually Friday's events.

1. We got the car out and drove to Bahia Honda state park.

2. We stopped at a highly recommended diner type restaurant. We both got the catch of the day: mahi mahi. I even got it fried !!! Can you say yum?
( secret ingredient in the cole slaw: mango)

3. We set out to find the Butterfly Conservatory and we basically walked the length of the key twice! (My ankles are hurting today!) We loved it and it was WELL WORTH the walk.

4. We saw the famous landmark (the southern most point) and got a pedi-cab because we were tired of walking.

5. We ended up at Mallory Square, which is a show in and of itself. (Lots of jugglers and such) We watched and English guy perform a hilarious card/magic act. We did some window shopping back to our hotel.

6. We are staying at La Concha Plaza, which is tHe tallest building here. We are right on Duvall Street in the middle Of everything and it has been awesome. We ended the evening enjoying the breeze and the full moon on one of the roof terraces.

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