Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 2 Key West many toed cats & sunset dining

Well, today I wanted to find a Zumba class, but it was canceled. There was an evening class, but alas , we had dinner reservations.

We found a place to eat called Hammocks. It was good, but. Overpriced for sandwiches.

We went back to our hotel and decided we'd go to the Hemingway house. It was less than a mile from our hotel and we had a nice walk there. We had a wait to get in, but once we were in it was crowded, but not unreasonable. We went with a tour guide named Nick.

I had just recently read a book based on hemingway's life with his first wife, so that made this tour even more interesting. (The Paris Wife) He lived in Key West with his second wife, who was his first wife's good friend. (You can read between the lines!)

We ended the night with dinner at sunset at Latitudes. We had to take a boat over to a private island that Westin Resort owns. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was even better. Hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves!

Pictures: Sights around KW. Pictures from Ernest Hemingway's house, including the swimming pool that cost $20,000 in 1920s when the house only cost $8000. Also, a picture of a penny in the concrete that is reportedly H's "last red cent". The pictures end at Latitudes where we had our dinner at sunset.

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