Thursday, October 11, 2012

Zumba in Price, UT


I'm writing these about the day before, so I'm a little confused.  Anyway, I have about explored this little town all that I can.  I'm not sure if I told you or not, but the population is less than 9000.  That's small!!  It is a nice town though and it's completely surrounded by desert rocks and mountains.  This part of the country is called the high desert.

I looked through the "shops" in the downtown yesterday.  Everyone was very friendly and polite.  The downtown stills has a movie theater and what looks to be one of the original JC Penneys.

Yesterday was filled with looking around in shops and Zumba.  I took a Zumba toning class with Jerri, the same instructor I had the night before.  She told me she would be back at the ballroom at the Utah State University campus tomorrow at noon and she asked if I would lead some of my songs.  I told her I would and I think I'll do a couple of songs that I know backwards and forwards.  One of them is "Big and Chunky" from the movie Madagascar.  (Check out the song!!)

Thank you Robin for letting me borrow it!!!   It's always a crowd favorite.  I also told her I would be going back to the 7:55 class.  She warned me that it would be very crowded.

Well, that always means a great class.  I went and I wasn't disappointed.  According to this instructor's profile, he's lost 50+ pounds doing Zumba!!!  He was great, but I felt like I probably had taken someone's "spot" in the class.  I know all about that!!! LOL  The room was tiny and there was probably 28 people in there!!!!

I had to add this!!  This was taken at the fun wedding I went to in Memphis.  If you can't tell, this is our "Bridesmaids" pose!!!  We are all friends who go to Honduras on mission trips.  The bride, Katie, and all of these people have been going many years!!

Well, I'm heading out to the class where I'm leading the two songs!! Wish me luck!!!

Nick is done with work today.  We plan on getting up early and either going to Moab or the Nine Mile Canyon.  We haven't decided which one, but we will spend the day hiking and exploring.  Then we'll head to Salt Lake City to spend the night to be ready to catch our plane.


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