Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday, More Zumba @ USU

Fun Times!!  (Thursday)
Today is Thursday and it's our last day in Price, Utah.  I'm going to miss this little town!!!  It's like a Mormon Mayberry RFD. 

Today, I went to  a Zumba class at the Utah State University East campus.  The instructor, Jerri, (I have already explained why I missed the class here the other day).  It was actually 30 min. later than the time I saw on the internet.  I told her I was coming to this one and she asked me to lead a few songs. 

Here's me with my new Zumba sister, Jerri!!

The campus is lovely, small and quiet.  It reminds me of Freed where my son goes, except maybe a little bit prettier.  There was a nice group of  girls and they were really sweet.  They liked the songs I lead and the instructor asked me to do more, but I thought the two were probably enough.  She did ask me to do the cool down and I felt comfortable doing that.  I have a great cool down that I do to Peponi.  Check out the video below. (Peponi by The Piano Guys)

Nick is watching the Titans tonight at the restaurant in the hotel and then tomorrow we are heading to Moab.  I'll take lots of pictures to share!!!


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