Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dinos & Zumba

Day 3
If you bought this lot, you would have this view!!!!!  Views like this surround the town.  They really need some hiking and running trails that take advantage of this beauty!!!!

Today's plan was to find a couple of Zumba classes and explore this neat little town.  I had gotten on the Zumba website and found that there was a noon class at the local college.  So, I set out to find that.

field trip


The college is Utah State University and College of Eastern Utah  (I think).  I found out that they had recently combined.   The GPS didn't like the strange address: 421 E 600 N, but I finally found it. (I probably would have done a better job on my own!!) 

 The campus was really pretty and a nice young lady in the bookstore explained where the ballroom was and told me she would take me herself, but she was the only person in the store!!! (Every single person that I have met here has been very nice and polite!!)

Well, I waited for about 15 minutes for the Zumba class.  No one seemed to know anything about it, so I left. :/   Unfortunately, many people don't keep their Zumba information on the site current.

Zumba isn't just fun!!!!!!!!!!!

After that, I headed to the local museum.  If you are interested at all in paleontology, then you know that many dinosaur fossils were found in this area.  It was a very nice museum and although there had been a class on a field trip there earlier, it was quiet when I was there.

I looked around the town, but I won't bore you with words, I'll show you with pictures!!!!  Oh, I did end the day with a Zumba class that began at 7:55 (that would be almost 9 pm at home!!)  The instructor was great, she reminded me Olivia Newton-John in the music video "Let's Get Physical" 80's leg-warmers and all!!!!

Here's a very nice subdivision. (most of the homes in this town are tiny!)


This is up on a rise overlooking the town.  Homes are built right  up on the edge!!



  1. I read somewhere that most of the full skeletons of dinosaurs are mostly fake reconstructions of what they think it would have been.....and built around the real bones they found....let me know if the look fake LOL


    1. I'm sure they had real ones there, but I don't think most of the ones put together as skeletons were the real thing. I was wondering myself. I was too embarassed to ask!! The looked real! I love you!!