Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Break (Utah & no differentiated instruction)

Wow, it's been along time.  A little over a month, in fact, since I've written a blog post.  It's Fall Break, so that explains it!!  I've got some time on my hands!!!

School has been very busy!!  It took about a month or so, but my class is now adjusted to my routines.  The grown-ups also had some adjusting to do.  We have a new principal all the way from Puerto Rico.

We constantly have to use differentiated instruction & non-linguistic representation!!!

 That seems to being going well too!!  Change can be hard at times, but you don't grown and improve if you don't change and in education we're expected to have continuous improvement!!!

Many of you know that Nick does a lot of traveling with his job.  We decided to take advantage of a companion pass and take my chances.  I lucked out, he was working in a place I had never traveled............UTAH!

It was kind of hazy near Salt Lake City.

The scenery has been beautiful. The leaves of the trees (some of them, or the ones they have) change colors.  So, we enjoyed the flight and the 2 hour drive from Salt Lake City.

We are seeing lots of trains.


Scenery right around the town.


We found a park/walking trail that was an Eagle Scout's project!

 Look, I've mastered the jumping picture!!


Tuesday morning, view from our room.

Nick works today through Thursday.  I plan on exploring the town (population < 9000) and working out!!  I actually found several Zumba classes!!!!  Woo Hoo!!! 

Stay tuned, for updates and pictures!!!  I like this town, it reminds me of a western version of Mayberry RFD.

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