Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last Minute Valentine Ideas!!!



Thursday, Snow Day, Hubby gets home
( I really splurged for dinner, I have been craving one of these!!!)

One of these might be good for Valentine's Day!
It was as good as I expected!!

Friday: I took some of my Valentine's inspired jewelry to school & invited the teachers to come by for some treats!!  They always buy!!!  :0)  More money for the Honduras fund!!


My class is ready for Monday!!!

Friday:  5:30pm Zumba class

7:00 Reservations at Hananoki a local delicious Japanese restaurant. My other son came home from college and all four of us were together for the first time in about 6 months!!!  The food was wonderful and we had a great time!!

I know the pic is awful.  My battery was dying.  My son had one taken with his phone, but he hasn't uploaded it yet.  I'm hoping to change it out asap.

Gifts with a Purpose (Here's a few that I know about or I found through a quick search. I'm a sucker for these! )

I asked for this and got this one V Day.  Part of the proceeds went to the AHA.

For the very conscientious:

(Give a gift of hope in some one's name. Ex:  $25 to pay for a child's vaccines, $15 for 3 chickens for a poor family)

In Honduras, about $1,200 will build a house for a family, $150 would send a child to school for a year. (These simple things could mean the difference of a life of poverty or a life of possibility.)  I can give your more information, if you are interested. Update: Cost to educate one child for a year is $175.  They don't have public education and the families have to provide a uniform and many supplies. 

Building this houses on the side of a mountain can be tricky!

Here is a blog of an young American missionary who lives in Honduras.  She and others work and serve a hot meal to children in one of the poorest areas of Honduras.  They also run a daycare and teach in the Sunday School.  ( I added this because this would fall under a gift with cause!!)  I'm adding pictures that I and others have taken in Mololoa.

Daycare at Mololoa

Me working in the kitchen at Mololoa during one of  my mission trips.

More Gifts for a cause:

Silver & Stone necklace created by women coming out of slavery;jsessionid=0a0105531f4362e2f5fac93745c9b897830cf7eb8135.e3eSc3uRax8Te34Pa38Ta38Qa3r0%3Cbr%20/%3E

Kate Spade gloves (proceeds benefit Women International)

I think I lost the link to this one.

FAVORITE THING THAT I HAVE FOUND YET!!!  I believe they will mail you this dessert in time for Valentine's Day.  Some of the the proceeds go to help the "Bright Pink" organization. 

Need a gift in a hurry?? This site says, "Do you need a gift today or tomorrow?"  We love anything with a heart on it.  This site has lots!!!!!!!

I personally love these.  They are fairly reasonably priced!!!

Have you thought about starting one of these for your honey?  I have one and love it.  There are new designs. 

Mine isn't exactly like this, but I like this new style!!  A lot of my friends want thest too!! Hint, hint!

I really love this new pink leather design.  It can be quite pricey, but you add charms as you go.  :0)

Website uniquely designed to help you find a gift (by $, person, occasion, etc.)

Ideas from the Internet: Create a memory (or another words, for those where time and money is no object)

Moonlight Canoe Ride

Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride in the Rockies

Carriage Tour of Savannah

Cooking Lessons in New Orleans

Wine and Dine on a Train in Napa Valley

Chocolate Tasting at Hotel Chocolate

Saturday:  10:30 Zumba class (I've used my new Zumba shoes two times.  They have great support, plus you can move  around well.  You can't really do that in regular running shoes.)

Gift ideas that I saw around Clarksville (I got to do a little research for my blog!!)

You can always find a good deal at one of my favorite stores!!

Soft pink jammies

I also found lots of ideas at one of my other favorite stores.

Support your local teacher!! Hint! Hint!

I love these. I can't remember if they were at TJ Maxx or Target.

More soft jammies

Of course I had to do my weekly shopping at Wal-mart!

I have already posted pics of  a lot of their stuff for Valentines.  I do need to say this, the Sango Wal-mart wins the prize for the most Valentine stuff.  They are really optimistic about the romantic people of this area.  All I can say is this.....They have a TON of flowers and balloons to sell!!!!

This is about 1/50 of the flowers they have at Wal-mart.  These are beautiful tulips!!!

Okay readers, I need your help..............................................

Please post a comment about what your want for Valentine's Day.  You can make it anonymous if you want!!  Or you could post one of your favorite Valentine's and why it was your favorite!!

I'm waiting!!!


  1. So glad Lucas made is home and you all had a great time! :-) You are one busy lady--and I loved all the gift ideas! Hope your Valentine's Day is wonderful---your classroom looks so festive!

  2. Thanks again Jan!! I have made several changes in the last few minutes. This blog will drive me crazy. I couldn't load Lucas' pics and then I looked again and they were huge!! One other picture of red trenches wasn't on there and I put it back. Those were one of my favs.

  3. I got my favorite valentine's present, hugs from Lucas and Taylor! Also, visit with family!
    Love, Mom