Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do you really know me?


(It's funny how taking these daily pics gives you a better perspective of how you look.  Many people wear the flowing sweater to camoflauge, but they don't flatter me at all!)

I have said this before and you may not believe it, but I'm a private person.  I know I have many different types of readers out there.  Some are friends, some are family, and some are acquaintances.  (I think some randomly end up here from the internet.......Well, hello, It's nice to meet you!  :0)  )

So, It's pop quiz time!!! This quiz will let you see how well you know me, and when you see the answers you will possibly learn some things about me that you didn't know before. Answer these multiple choice and true/false questions about me.

Here we go.......Good Luck!!!

1.  What is my middle name?

a.  Lee   b.  Ann   c.  Apple

2.  Which person that I graduated with has the same birth date as me?

a.  Alesa Walker   b.  Jane Gibson Humes   c.  LaDon Haley

Hint:  This person wasn't a Lakerette with me!

3.  I took five years of ballet.

a.  true   b.   false

4.  I was on a dance squad in high school.

a.  true   b.  false

5.  Which is my least favorite body part?

a.  legs   b.  arms   c.  hips

6.  Which of these people have I NOT been compared to?

a.  Valerie Bertinelli    b.   Linda Blair   c.    Kim Kardashian
d.  Jackie Onassis    e.   Selena Gomez

I'm not saying I look like any of these people.  I wasn't the one comparing myself to them.

Linda Blair was in "The Exorcist".  Evid., she has taken some racy photos in her lifetime. (Not this one though!) You learn something everyday!

7.  Where did I go to elementary school?

a.  New Concord    b.   Faxon    c.  Lynn Grove    d.   Almo

8.  What is my favorite drink with meals?

a.  Diet Coke   b.  Pepsi     c.  tea    d.   water

9.  Which food do I absolutely hate?

a.  spinach   b.  liver   c.  broccoli   d.   fish

10.  Which body part do I not hate?

a.  shoulders/arms    b.  thighs   c.  waist

11.  Which of these is NOT a guilty pleasure of mine?

a.  watching reality TV
b.  drinking coffee
c.  watching "Ghosthunters"
d.  eating pizza every Friday night

12.  Which would NOT be a celebrity crush of mine?

a.  Johnny Depp
b.  Rob Lowe
c.  Ryan Reynolds
d.  George Clooney

13.  What job might I have in my "fantasy" life? (That doesn't mean I would really be good at it, or I would really like it.)

a.  a job where I could do physical labor and never have to interact with people
b.  a job where I could sing and dance on stage
c.  a brain surgeon
d.  a cashier at a fast-food restaurant

14.  Where did I go on Spring Break of my Senior year?

a.  Florida
b. nowhere
c.  Europe
d.  South Carolina

15.  Where is one place that I haven't visited?

a.  Denmark
b.  Honduras
c.  Switzerland
d.  Italy

16.  Which name would I NEVER allow my children to name my grandchildren?

a.  Aydden
b.  Patrick
c.  Nick
d.  John

17.  I lost a camera in the Atlantic Ocean.

a.  true    b.  false

18.  I would jump out of an airplane for $100,000,000.

a.  true   b.  false.

19.  I have been arrested.

a.  true   b.  false

20.  I have never been on a diet.

a.  true   b.  false

(Answers below)

Wed., Another unflattering outfit  :(

This is a new addition to our school's second grade.  This is Mitzi.  She is a service dog that an autistic student has.  We let her off the leash on the playground.

Tuesday was sunny, but chilly.  I had playground duty.

And now, here's what you have been waiting for.....Let's see how you did.  How well do you know me?

1. b.  Ann,  2.  c. Ladon Haley,  3.  a.  true,  4.  a.  true,  5.  a.  legs,
6.  e.  Selena Gomez,  7.  a.  New Concord,  8.  d.  water,  9.  b.  liver,
10.  a.  shoulders/arms,  11.  d.  eating pizza every Friday night,
12.  d.  George Clooney,  13.  a.  job where I do physical labor ...,
14.  a.  Europe,  15.  a.  Denmark,  16.  a.  Aydden,  17.  a.  true,
18.  b.  false,  19.  b.  false,  20.  b.  false

15-20 Correct:  We are BFFs (If you don't know, that's Best Friends Forever!)
10-14 Correct:  We are acquaintances and we need to get to know each other better.
0-10 Correct:  You've got a lot to learn!!

Who is ready to go hiking with me this weekend??  I hope you have a great rest of the week.  We may be having some severe weather, so I hope you stay safe!!!


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  1. Well I got most all of them right except who went to school with you and where you went to elementary school.

    Hope the severe weather misses you and you have fun hiking!