Monday, November 12, 2012

You were made for so much more!!!!

Here's a picture of me with my son in Honduras.  It's funny when I'm there, I totally eat what I want and I usually come back and have either lost weight or haven't gained.  I think it's because we are focused on God and others!!
Food tastes good!!! We all have an appetite, I get it!!  Food is fuel for our body and we need it to make all our body functions work.  All of this is true!!! 

 But, why have so many of us feasted continually to prepare for the famine???? If you look around, you see the evidence everywhere! First of all, we don’t have famines in America in our life time!!



Do you ever turn to food when your upset and you need comfort???




Do you ever go out to special meal to celebrate or reward yourself for a job well done!!



 Do you turn to food when you’re happy, sad, stressed or sad??  Don’t feel bad, we all have, but is that what food is made for????  I don’t think so!  God didn’t make us that way!!!  I contend that we should turn to God instead of self-medicating with food.


One time I was so hungry, I gave my sister my inheritance for a pot of stew she was cooking.  HEY WAIT!!  I don’t have a sister!!  You’re right, but does this story sound familiar??? Esau gave up his birthright to Jacob for a pot of stew.  It’s obvious in this story that food can be a powerful temptation like other “Big Sins”. 
I contend that as many people are destroying their health and body with the addition of food, as people are with drugs and alcohol!! (This is me speaking, not the author of Made to Crave .)



We often have scripts running in our head…..whether it’s negative self-talk, rationalizations or excuses….

“You can’t do this!”

“I’ll start tomorrow.”

“Just one won’t matter.”


“You’re such a loser!  How many times have you tried this and failed??”

Lysa, the author said for years she identified herself not by her relationship with God, but by the circumstances in her life. (Child from a broken home, rejected by her father, abused by a grandfather figure, etc.)


She realized that she needed to embrace her true identity instead of listening to those negative scripts and labels in her head. (Forgiven, set-free, accepted, holy child, made-new, loved, confident, victorious child of God.)


If you are following along in the book with me, you may realize that I’m jumping all around. I’m writing as things inspire me.  Here’s a summary of what Lysa recommends so far:

1. Have a plan.

2. Pray, pray, pray (daily, when you crave, when you need strength, when you would normally turn to food turn to Him.)

3.  Have an accountability partner.

4.  This is big: RECOGNIZE THAT YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE THAN THIS!!!! Embrace your true identity as a child of God with a Glorious Father, who has ALL POWER!!

5.  Find a deeper reason for this journey. (Not to just wear a size (fill in the blank), but to get to know Him better!



God made us for so much more!!!!



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  2. Thank you!! I'm planning on working some more on this book during my holiday break!!