Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why Can't There Be a Happy Medium???

Whew!!!!  Today I finished my 7th full day of school.  I am thankful because I have a great  class.  Things are starting to settle down.  That's pretty good since a lot of what we do on a day to day basis isn't up and going yet.  We can't go to the library, and the students haven't been able to take Reading Counts tests yet. (For those of you who aren't teachers, let me explain.   It's a program where students take a test on the computer on a book they have read.  They earn points for prizes.)

It's always a relief to get through the first few days of school.  My son went back to college on Sunday, so now I have to get daycare for  the dog.  Well, not really, but, if I want to go to the Y after school, I have to use a dog walking service.  If you are from Clarksville area, let me recommend Safe Tails.  They are very reliable, reasonable and offer many other services.

I am adding some pictures of one exciting event from the past week.  One of my friends and co-teachers  had a milestone birthday.  We worked hard to make it a special day.

My older son only has a few more days left in his job in Afghanistan.  He will be finishing up and waiting for a flight to Kuwait.  My son, husband and I will be going on a family trip together.  It is getting close.  I gave you a hint the last blog.  Did you figure it out?? You might find other clues hidden in this blog.

Were  you wondering about the title of the blog?  It refers to my life.  There  are no happy mediums, only extremes!  Busy, busy,  busy!!

If  you know someone who is a teacher.............be patient with them!  This is a very tiring, stressful time of the year.  Plus, there are lots of changes in education, which only means one thing............MORE STRESS!!

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