Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Someone lied to us!

July 5: (I'm still not editing closely, so I apologize in advance.)
On the long bus ride in black and white

Jen made dessert and treated us. (banana pudding & fruit cocktail) Terry had her bring some ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

You don't have to tell interns twice that we have dessert.
July 5

We were scheduled to leave for Copan around 1:00, so Jen wanted us to go have the breakfast buffet with her at the Marriott.  Wow, what a culture shock.  To go from the gritty streets of Honduras to a beautiful hotel that rivals any in the US.  They offered everything on the buffet and we enjoyed spending a leisurely time with Jen talking and planning things we can do on future trips.  Jen took us back up the mountain to the Mission House with minutes to spare.

Good-bye Mission House. Until next year

Breakfast at the Marriot.  Tamales wrapped in banana leaves

When we got there, Terry and the interns had the bus loaded and were ready to go.  We were told that our trip would be about 5 hours by bus.  We all got on and started our bus ride to Santa Rosa de Copan.  We had torrential rains and five hours later we still weren't close.  That is when found out that someone from the kitchen at the Mission House said it was an 8 hour drive!!!!  We read, slept, talked and bounced over the rough roads to Copan.  Guillermo did an excellent job getting us there through the rains and speed bumps.

7-8 hours on the bus

It rained the whole way, so it was hard to see the sights.  Sorry for the black and white, I was experimenting.

We arrived at our hotel after taking a little scenic detour around town.  Some missionaries from Mission Upreach met us at our hotel and we unload our suitcases in the pouring rain and dragged them on the cobblestone streets to our hotel.  They had prepared a delicious dinner for us and we were all ready to eat.  We had only snacked for lunch on the bus.

After dinner, we got our keys and crashed in our beds.  Last night, I didn't know what our internet situation was, but it looks like it will be great.

Our hotel room

Local hotels are always open to a courtyard. 

Today, we are going into a school and doing a VBS.  Mission Upreach has been invited to go into the schools and teach the Bible.  I have heard that the interns have great skits and they actually do them in Spanish.  I will let you know how it goes.

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