Thursday, July 7, 2011

Santa Rosa de Copan

Our First Full Day in Santa Rosa de Copan: July 6, 2011

I had a great night’s sleep last night.  I’m sure it was due to a very nice normal mattress, plus we were beat from our extremely long bus ride.  The hotel served us a delicious breakfast of eggs, beans, toast, and fried plantains.  The best part was the fresh pineapple juice that I had. 

The kids are ready

                As I said last night, we are working with Mission Outreach  a program that has the goal of planting churches.  Our main contacts are Donna and Phillip Wauldron.  Today, we were going to Escuela de Los Angeles to do a VBS.  We had another bumpy ride down the cobblestone streets. (I’ll add some background about the cuidad (town) at the end. We stopped on the way to get snacks for the kids.  You can’t have VBS without juice and cookies!!!

                The children were having recess when we got there and we got everything set up.  Kattia Barrentes and her daughter did a great job “warming” up the kids by singing songs with them.  The interns had an awesome skit about Paul being converted on the road to Damascus.  It had everything: costumes, humor and it was even in Spanish.  Minor Perez was the star of the show.  He played the part of Saul/Paul with much depth!!  After the story, the children went to their rooms and we alternated having them color a sheet, play trivia and have a snack.  I helped with the snacks.  As I was passing out the snacks, I told them, “Yo soy la professor de Segundo grado en Ustados Unidas.”  Do you know what that means?  I’m pretty sure the grammar and spelling are less than perfect, but it means, “I am a second grade teacher in the United States.”  The kids knew what I meant.

                We went back to our hotel and had chips and PB &J that we had with us.  The missionaries’ son, Harrison, was to take us on a walking tour of the town around 1:00.  About 10 of us headed out to see the sites.  The town is a Spanish colonial village that were told was established in 1700s as a royal tobacco trading post.  It was cool to walk the narrow, cobblestoned streets and see the interesting colonial atmosphere.  We walked through the city square center and it had gorgeous tropical plants and big ancient trees.  There was also a beautiful old cathedral that we walked through. On the way back, we stopped for ice cream and coffee in one of the quant shops.

Harrison acted as our tour guide

     We spent the evening visiting, resting and some people even swam in the pool.  We were served another delicious dinner by the hotel and Donna and Phillip Wauldron ate with us and shared some products that Mission Outreach had for sale. (t-shirts, burlap purses and some cocoa nut bracelets.  They said that a prisoner made them.

         Today, I learned that most people are leaving in the middle of the night very early on Monday.  Diane leaves at 7:30 and I'm the last one at 11:45.  I'm not real excited to sit at the San Pedro Sula airport for four hours, but it will be okay.  Pray for safe travels for all of our group.
        Until next time!!  xoxoPJ

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  1. Nice pictures! Be safe at the airport!