Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 2: Paul Breaks out of Prison

Day 2 in Santa Rosa de Copan: Paul breaks out of Prison, Thursday 
(warning, I'm not editing very closely!)

Today was another VBS day at Escuela de Los Angeles.  After breakfast, Donna Wauldron met us at the hotel and rode with us on the bus to the school.  Our VBS was a little more organized today.  Terry Reeves and some of the men went to paint a night school. 

                The children were excited when we got there and ran out to greet us and give us hugs.  Harrison Wauldron, the 18 year old son of the missionaries warmed the children up with some songs and a prayer.  He is a very personable young man who will be going to Harding this fall.  He’s actually leaving for the States very soon.  He will be working in Texas before he starts to school.  His mom is not very excited to see him leave.

flower in the school's  courtyard

                The interns did a great job of acting out the story of Paul and Silas breaking out of prison.  We then sent the children to their classrooms for more activities.  I helped Kattia Barrentes in the third grade classroom.  The children colored pictures, made paper chains, and had cookies and juice.  I walked around and practiced my Spanish.  They were drawing pictures on their chains and I was saying the word in Spanish and I was telling them the word in English.  I drew hearts on one of the children’s chains and wrote, “Te Amo”.  (I love you) Then they all wanted me to write it on theirs.  I also taught them the song, “God Made the Big, Big Sun” and Kattia translated it for them in Spanish.

                I was very impressed with their manners and how happy they were coloring pictures and doing a simple craft.  That is definitely not typical of American third graders.  I was also impressed with their classroom.  It looked as if they were doing three digit by one digit multiplication.  That isn’t really a very easy skill for third graders.  Kattia ended the lesson by reviewing the Bible story for the day.  If they got an answer correct they got a prize.

Te Amo! Can you tell that I'm hotter than hades???

                Afterwards, Donna Wauldron took us on a tour of the church building.  They typically have between 200-300 attending on a Sunday morning.  They also have a Thursday night Bible class.  We walked down the road and also toured the Men’s’ Leadership training facility.  Young men are interviewed and come to study and learn basic Biblical concepts so that they can go back and serve at their home churches.  This building also housed English classes and “Let’s Get Talking” a Bible based English language class.  Diane commented that she thought it was modeled after the Baxter Bible Institute. 

Different seeds in their Science center

Let's get talking English class

Casa Pino that was built with pine by the Pines Church of Christ in the US.  There was an English class going on.

 Men's Leadership Training Class

Sights along the way

                We came back to the hotel and made sandwiches for lunch.  It is very humid here and they generally keep cool by breezes and shade, so you can imagine that if you do much at all, you can get hot.  I cooled off with a shower and rested a little while.

These girls caught up with us.  Here we are on the second floor patio on top of the coffee shop.

                Pat, one of our resident Pennsylvanians, said he wanted to take a look at the town, so Diane, Kattia and I decided to venture out with him.  Not only is the town square beautiful, there is a coffee shop right in the middle.  There was a covered area on top and we went up there and had a nice view of the square. 

Right now, we are just relaxing before dinner time.  Until next time!!  xoxoPJ


  1. Yes your mom reads each one with interest! Feel as if I've been on the trip too!

  2. I'm following along. I really enjoy the pictures. The kids all look like they are having fun. Sure is green.