Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Last Sunday together/Good-bye friends!

Ready for worship
San Pedro Sula/Last Sunday together/ Saying good-bye

view from hotel window

                There is one advantage of being with a small group of Christians in a third world country on a Sunday.   You can decide when you want to have your worship service.  Terry said we would have our service at 11:00 am.  That let everyone have a good night sleep and sleep in a little later.

Having a last cup of coffee with "Tricky" Pat from PA & Diane

                We met in a small meeting room and enjoyed one last time of fellowshipping together.  Minor Perez led our singing and Andrew Allgood shared thoughts about the Lord Supper and Terry spoke to us one last time about being a servant in the kingdom and what that means to us as Christians.

                The rest of the group besides Diane, Tyler Gist, the bus driver and me were going to the mall to hang out.  Their flight isn’t until 1 am, so they were basically going to hang out there until the mall closes.  Diane and I decided not to go with them because we have heard some bad things about San Pedro Sula and we weren’t  about getting a taxi ride back to the hotel. (Looks can be deceptive because this city could almost be Clarksville, TN!) The bus driver and Tyler Gist will also be spending one more night because they will be leaving back for Tegucigalpa tomorrow.  Tyler will be meeting up with people from his hometown in South Carolina and doing 10 more days of mission work.  He has already been here a month!!!

                Diane and I were also glad to learn that Terry arranged for Guillermo to take us to the airport at 4:30 tomorrow. I think he was looking forward to sleeping in, but I think he may come back and sleep until check out.  They do have a long trip back! The Hilton does have a shuttle, but it doesn’t start running until 5:00 am and she really should be at the airport by 5:10.  I’m going to go ahead and go with her to the airport and that way neither of us will have to travel alone.

We were going to have lunch outside, but we decided it was too hot.

                Right now, I’m just relaxing in the room and writing this blog.  Diane and I had sandwiches for lunch at the hotel restaurant and it wasn’t too unreasonable.  She decided to go check out the pool, I think I will read, nap and go to bed early so I can be up and ready to go by 4 am.  Continue to pray for our safe travels.  I’ll see you back in the good ole’ USA!!   xoxoPJ

I took many videos in Honduras.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

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