Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Update/Empty Nest Reintergration

I took this picture while I was walking down the hall.
I am wearing a Dr. Seuss shirt.
 Friday, March 18:  It was a crazy day.  I had run out of the classroom early yesterday because I had a doctor's appointment.  I knew I had half-day training, but I mistakenly thought it was in the morning.

I actually think I took this picture the other day.  This is the neighbor's tree that is behind my house.  Tragically, I found a tick on me after I was out in the yard that day.

I rushed in to get things ready for a sub.  We had a "Reading Celebration" & Popcorn Friday. The celebration was for ending our Tera Nova testing and we had a Dr. Seuss theme.  I won't even try to explain about the art contest and the turning in money for the popcorn. (Some pay a set amount for the whole year.) 

Well, I had actually requested having my training for the morning. I was glad the training was at my school, if not, it would have been bad.

The whole school was having a Pajama Day, but second grade decided to let the children dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss characters. Needless to say, the kids were very excited.  Here is a few of the cute costumes!

These girls were dressed like Whos.

Thing 2

Storytime in the Library

Friday afternoon:  Reading Streets training, It was very low key. (nice for a change)

Friday night: Sushi date at Kori.  My younger son joined the hubby and me.  He enjoyed the won ton soup and the pork stir fry. (sorry, no pics)

Saturday, March 19:  I slept a little late for me. (7:15) My plan was to go and weigh in at WW.

Sadly, I maintained my same weight.  :0(   I WILL NOT GET DISCOURAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I killed time until my Zumba class.  I also had a scheduled date with the hubby. (Breakfast)  He has been traveling all week.

Hobby Lobby has lots of furniture.  I keep taking pictures because my mom is looking for a few things.  I also wanted a small basket because I'm donating some earrings for a silent auction for a MS walk that will be at our church during the weekend of April 2.

Spring has arrived in Clarksville.  Check out the Bradford Pear trees.

I checked out one of my favorite stores.

Do you remember "hot pants" from the 70s?  Well, evidently, they are back in style.  This was actually in the ladies (not juniors) section!!! You may be surprised, but, no, I didn't buy them!

My hubby and son decided they wanted to go to Hananoki for a last meal before college.  I like that place, but I usually forgo going there because it's so expensive.  I looked around at the mall.  I was having trouble making phone calls.  When I got to the Y, I called the hubby and found out that I couldn't make calls because he had gotten me an IPhone. (and disconnected my old phone)

While they had dinner at Hananoki, I tried out the new food court at Governor's Square Mall.  It was pretty good.  (A lot cheaper!)

Our new food court

Cute stuff at Old Navy (Doesn't this make you want to go to the beach??)

About town on Saturday

Here's the much hyped "Super Moon".  What do you think????

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This has been a short and sweet blog.  My younger son goes back to college tomorrow.  The nest will be empty again.  It will mostly be me and the dog.  I will be counting down the days till Spring Break and Vegas!!!!!!

Happy Spring!!!
xoxo PJ 


  1. Loved all the pictures! The trees here are in full bloom and really pretty too.

    I don't have an empty nest just yet...and I think Laura is going to stay here for a year and go to the community college first--but she will be working and going to school, so I won't see her as much.

    Hope you have a wonderful spring break in Vegas!

  2. I love my boys, but you are lucky to have daughters. You can always do "girl" stuff with them. Is Laura a senior? T. is going to have to get a job this summer. He was putting in applications this week. What is Emily going to do? Was she the one that wanted to go to Murray? Enjoy the Spring!!

  3. that super moon picture looks like the sun when we are having a dust storm weird.....there wasnt really any super moon that i could tell....just brighter outside than normal

  4. You are right the super moon didn't amount to much. Don't forget....Don't look a the sun!