Friday, March 25, 2011

I could get a lot done if......

Wed., March 23:

Nothing new or notable on Wednesday.  We had tornado watches all day, but we really didn't have any bad weather.  I worked after school, went to 5:30 Zumba and then went to my 7:00 Ladies' Bible Class.

I love Carmen's Zumba class.  WE GET DOWN TO SOME AWESOME MUSIC IN THAT CLASS!  The class usually has almost 80 people in there!!  I am actually now brave enough to go to the front row!!

Thursday, March 24:

The weather turned off really cold. (Low 40s)

I had read Dr. Seuss' Bartholomew Cubbins and the 500 Hats  and we made newspaper hats.  The kids loved them. 

We also played a game in Science.  Second graders always are ready for a game.

Friday, March 25
Woo Hoo! It's Friday

Sunrise as I leave the neighborhood

Progress on Buffalo Wild Wings

It's a good thing it's Friday, this is a scary picture of me!!

I'm sitting here in my quiet classroom.  It's Friday afternoon and the children have been gone for about an hour.  I'm taking some time to get caught up for the next week and I'm enjoying some the peace & solitude.  Here are some thoughts that I'm having as I listen to the sound of nothing............

We teachers often joke and say, "I could sure get a lot done if I didn't have any children here."  You non-teachers out there may think that sounds crazy, but, we actually have many things to do.  Some relate directly to the children and some indirectly.  Some things don't relate at all to children.  Our main responsibility is teaching the children, but often the kids get in the way of the teaching. They aren't learning robots, they are kids!

With the current emphasis on test scores, everything is data driven.  We now have people telling us: when to teach,  what to teach, and how to teach it.  One of the new terms is "differentiated instruction".  That simply means that we need to teach things in many ways, so that we can reach all of the children.  It also means that we are supposed have many different levels of work, so that we meet all of the children's needs regardless of what their level is.

  That all makes sense to me, but the "differentiated instruction" doesn't seem to apply to teachers.  We don't seem to have the freedom to be different.  Well, that's enough venting.  It may not make sense to anyone but teachers anyway.

Don't get me wrong, I have a good job and I have great administrators.  They have pressure from above.  It's just a shame.

Okay, this is another tid-bit for the teachers out there. I have just discovered teacher blogs.  The other day, I was doing an internet search for Dr. Seuss activities and I came across an awesome blog by a first grade teacher.  Most bloggers include a list of blogs they follow on their blog.  This teacher had a full list of other great teacher blogs that she followed.  I am going to be busy reading blogs!!  :0)

There are blogs about anything that you can think of, so, do a search.  You may find a blog that covers something that you are interested in.

The hubby is home from a business trip, so we are hoping to do some geo-caching this weekend.  I will defin. keep you posted!!!


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