Friday, March 18, 2011

A Day in the Life of.........ME! New Words

Stay Tuned for New Words at the end of the blog.

Wed., March 16:  The picture isn't so great, oh well!  Check out the zebra sweater....That was one of my deals that I found at Target last weekend.

Wednesday was a pretty good day.  The weather was sunny and mild.  It felt like spring!!!  I had a 5:00 meeting at church, Zumba!  :0(

On the way to my meeting, I saw that Clarksville was getting a "Jimmy John's".  It's going in the old TCBY.  I'm not sure that is the best location.

Thursday, March 17:  ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!  I love the color green and I have Irish roots, so......Top of the mornin' to ya!!!  We learned about the legend of leprechauns and they got to write their own stories.

Here I am wearing green for St. Patrick's Day.  Our school was a sea of green!

Picking up my class from Gym.  You can see all of their green!!!

It was a gorgeous day on the playground.  It was right at 80 degrees.

Update on Buffalo Wild Wings:  I think most of the work will be inside now.

Thursday afternoon:  I got an appointment with my primary care doctor.  Looks like I'm getting arthritis in my feet.  I'm too young for that, but I WILL NOT STOP!!!

I love how long it is staying light.  I went to the Y and got home around 5:30 and it was still daylight.  I took the dog out for a walk.  If you look at the picture above, you can see that Cocoa is really concentrating.  She was actually concentrating on the new little Daschund in the neighbor's yard.  Unfortunately, after this short excursion in the yard, I found a tick on me!!!!  I think the summer is going to be bad!!! (for ticks, that is!!)

The next picture is me by one of the Bradford Pear Trees.  The sun is bright and in my eyes.

50 New Words by Betsy Towner (This comes from AARP, my husband's subscription.  I refuse to join!!!)  I'm editing and picking the best ones.  I may save some for a later post.

matchy-matchy: excessively color-coordinated
unfriend:  remove someone from a list of personal friends on Facebook or similiar website.
LBD: little, black dress
staycation: Vacation spent at home
home-shoring: moving jobs to employee's homes
eggcorn: logical swap of words with similar sounds(egg-corn comes from acorn)
hater: a negative person
riff: to expound on a particular subject
rock: to do something in a confident way
zombie bank: insolvent bank that survives through government support
meme: image, video, or phrase passed  electronically on the internet
microblog: to post very short entries on a blog
flash mob: brief gathering for a common purpose, announced by e-mail or text
flyover states: (derogatory) Central regions of the US
bromance: close platonic male friendship
locavore: one who eats primarily locally grown food
soft skills:  attributes that enable someone to interact harmoniously with others
blog: on-line diary or journal
frenemy: friend with whom one has frequent conflict
turducken: roast of a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey
viral:  circulating rapidly on the internet
own: to utterly defeat or humiliate
cheeseball: lacking taste or style
carbon credit: permit allowing a certain amount of carbon dioxide emissions
carbon offsetting: counteraction of CO2 emissions with corresponding reduction
cool hunter: one who predicts new styles and trends

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  1. Interesting! Bradford Pear trees have bloomed over night, also Tulip Poplars. Hards are being mowed, Murray is looking good!